Video: 2017 Volkswagen GTI Track Review at Lime Rock Park - The Long Haul Project MK7 Episode 1

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This 2017 MK7 Volkswagen GTI is the latest FCP Euro project car. We've got big plans to turn this into a balanced daily driver, while also being fulfilling on track. Here's how we're going to do it:


First, some background info. We bought this 2017 Volkswagen GTI second-hand with 13,000 miles on the clock. Other than a set of wheels and tires we got from Tire Rack, the car is completely bone stock with a DSG transmission and a performance pack (limited-slip differential). As a baseline, this car rocks, honestly. It's quiet, comfortable, fast, functional (four-doors and a hatchback) and has all the modern conveniences like bluetooth and a backup camera that you'd expect in a 2017 vehicle. But we can make it better, and we will. 


First, we're going to go through the car from top to bottom and replace all the fluids with LIQUI MOLY products, because you can never trust the care provided by the previous owner. We'll do engine, differential, transmission, and anything else that needs attention. 

Next, we're going to completely overhaul the suspension, with the help of our friends at SACHS Performance. We're going to install a fully-adjustable coilover kit, the same unit we showed off recently in a Really Quick Product Review. This will provide us the ability to control ride height, damping, spring rates, and the ability to corner balance the car (just like the TCRs!). 


Afterwards, we'll address the chassis, with a bunch of OEM+ components from our friends at 034Motorsport. Trailing arms, camber arms, camber plates, toe links, front and rear anti-roll bars, engine mounts, and a dogbone insert should sharpen up the response of the chassis while keeping ride comfort and usability consistent with the stock vehicle. 

Finally, we're going to address the engine, and that's where our friends (again) at 034Motorsport come in. We're going to do a carbon-fiber intake, which we've also discussed recently on a Really Quick Product Review, a tune, an oil management system (again, just like the TCRs) and even an exhaust from Akrapovic. Yes, our project MK7 GTI is going to be extremely badass. 



So, that's what's in store for our humble little MK7 GTI. With each of these components, we're going to do traditional DIY videos, as well as Really Quick Product Reviews so you know what each component does, and why it's important for the vehicle. 

Last but not least, we're going to bring our GTI back to Lime Rock Park to set a flying lap after all the upgrades have been installed. The goal? Five seconds faster around the track. Can we do it? Subscribe and find out. 

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