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Spring Brake Sale

Spring Brake Sale

After another year filled with evolving deadlines, shifting priorities, and community-engaging events, FCP Euro is proud to have worked with many dedicated companies that contributed to a year of great success. Our annual Partner Awards allow us to recognize those who go above and beyond servicing our customers and company. Each year, members from each of our teams gather to discuss and debate those partners who stood out to us for their support. Because this organization is built with the help of so many great partners, choosing just one winner for each category was challenging. 

Continuous Improvement is one of FCP Euro’s core values, as it embodies many of the attributes of the best partners and employees alike. With so many variables changing daily, it takes regular correspondence and a genuine interest to adapt and improve processes constantly. This is not something typically expected of a multinational partner, but one company consistently showed they were up to that challenge more than the rest. Congratulations to the 2022 FCP Euro Continuous Improvement award winner VIEROL AG


After winning the 2021 Breakout Growth award, the team at VIEROL AG continued their relentless support into 2022 with new efforts to improve direct sourcing. Weekly correspondence with FCP Euro’s catalog team became commonplace, and solutions to customer supply issues flowed in regularly. Their Vaico and Vemo sub-brands have supported FCP Euro’s catalog for over a decade, and VIEROL AG’s drive toward eliminating every hiccup and speed bump that arose was a critical part of both companies’ successful 2022 campaigns. 


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