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The 2003-2007 Volvo S60R is a performance sedan you’ve almost definitely been sleeping on. When a car has all-wheel-drive, an infinitely tunable turbo five-pot, and seating for a normal-sized family, it’s worth looking into. Pair that with its ultra-rigid P2 platform underpinnings, and you’ve got a four-door that can accelerate—and handle—with the best of them.

Don’t believe us? When tested by MotorTrend, the Volvo S60R outperformed the E46 BMW M3—touted as one of the greatest M cars ever—on the skidpad. The 2004 and up S60R, with its updated Haldex all-wheel-drive, is also faster to 60 mph than a first-gen Porsche Boxster S.

They’re also affordable as clean used examples typically stay in the high four-figure range. For proof, we’ve put together a list of cars for sale right now that we’d snatch up for our own garage. Problem is, it’d be hard to leave any of them stock…


2007 Volvo S60R in Golden, CO ($8,277)


If high-mileage is a concern, you’re obviously going to pay more for your new whip. That said, this 2007 S60R in Colorado doesn’t have a massive premium tacked on for its good condition. It’s stock—not the worst thing when buying used—and has only driven 85,775 miles. 

It’s a later model, so the improved Haldex all-wheel-drive is also standard. All things considered, this dark grey Volvo is a good deal—Cars.com even says so.

Listing expired? Find a new one here.


2006 Volvo S60R in Dover, NH ($6,500)


Buying from a fellow enthusiast has its perks. This ‘06 example is available on the Swedespeed forum, and while it has a few light mods, it’s still largely stock and, therefore, reliable. A spec single-mass flywheel has been installed, as has a Phuzzy front mount intercooler. With 152,800 miles on the odometer, it’s been around the block, but that’s made up for with the modest price of $6,500.

Oh, and don’t forget the six-speed gearbox.

Might as well go ahead with a few more upgrades, like a set of BC Racing coilovers for even better handling.

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2004 Volvo S60R in Portland, CT ($4,400)


With over 183,000 miles on the odometer, this ‘04 S60R is by far the most well-used example on the list. Still, it looks to be a solid runner with a surprisingly clean exterior. Its seats have seen better days, but at just $4,400, there’s not much to complain about here—especially since it also comes with a manual transmission.

The striking red paint helps it to stand out amongst a sea of Resale Silver™, too, so your daily driver would be unique from the rest. Why not wake it up with a Snabb high-fow air intake?

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2007 Volvo S60R in Reading, PA ($12,000)


This ‘07 model might be as close to a prime cut as you can get on the used S60R market. It’s priced near the top of the spectrum, but this 2007 model in Pennsylvania hits the spot. It’s accumulated only 64,900 miles over the past 13 years, and we even like the silver. On some cars, it just works.

It’s already got an upgraded catback exhaust, too, so you can hear the inline-five howl without major droning in the cabin.

You’ll want to keep it clean, too, so a complete Sonax detailing kit would come in handy.

Listing expired? Find a new one here.


2005 Volvo S60R in Molalla, OR ($5,899)


Or, you could save yourself some scratch with this ‘05 S60R. It’s got 73,000 miles on the clock—nearly 10,000 more than the silver model above—but it’s also cheaper. Far cheaper. For only $5,899, you can score this Volvo that’s “rarely driven,” per the seller, and is in nice shape aside from what’s described as “some” cosmetic issues.

If you don’t need a manual transmission, this might be the best bang for your buck.

Listing expired? Find a new one here

Do you know of any S60Rs that are going for a steal? If so, leave them in the comments below. And if you want to read more on Volvos, be sure to visit our Volvo hub at volvo.fcpeuro.com.

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