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Holiday Gift Guide

It's safe to say that the modern automotive enthusiast is absolutely spoiled when it comes to the amount of quality automotive content that we have to choose from. No matter what you're into, chances are there's a YouTube channel, website, or blog that goes into great depth and detail about it. Project car builds, live streaming of both real and e-sports motorsport events, in-depth reviews of products, technical topics, or just general automotive mayhem are easy to find and tough to stop watching. 

If you find yourself looking for a little more automotive content when you're otherwise occupied, whether it's the commute to work or the daily session on the treadmill, finding a few of the best car podcasts can be a great way to learn more and deepen your passion for all things automotive. Here are a few of our favorites, ranging from general chat shows to those that are hyper-focused on a specific automotive sector such as performance driving or motorsport


The Revival Motoring Podcast

01_Revival Motoring Podcast copy

Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, and an offshoot of the Revival Motoring Magazine, the Revival Motoring Podcast is hands-down, one of the most consistently funny and entertaining automotive podcasts around. While hosts Josh, Chuck, and Corey may have cut their teeth in the world of VWs and BMWs, this podcast is by no means limited to just chat about the big German car brands. From current automotive news to in-depth reviews and highly opinionated (but hilarious) takes on many a hot topic, there's always something entertaining. The guys are also down to earth, true enthusiasts, and have guests from all over the automotive world, including our very own JR Huntington and Gareth Foley

Like many of the best podcasts on our list, you have to get familiar with the hosts, and you may need to do some listening to the back catalog of episodes before you'll be able to pick up on every reference and inside joke, but it will be well worth it. (I would recommend the C.H.U.C.K. System episode as a great starter). Few automotive podcasts out there have such consistent delivery and high production standards. They also recently started a motorcycle podcast called Talking Motorcycles, and they're on YouTube too


Dinner With Racers Podcast

02_Dinner with Racers logo copy

While you may be tempted to brush off a podcast with a title like "Dinner with Racers" as only interesting for hardcore motorsport enthusiasts, you would definitely be missing out. Hosted by Honda/Acura factory racing driver Ryan Eversley, and P.R. and creative man-for-all-seasons Sean Heckman, DWR is massively entertaining and enlightening in equal measure. Sean and Ryan sit down with racers of all kinds, from the biggest names in the sport down to the everyday unsung heroes that work behind the scenes and help make it all happen, and chat over dinner (hence the name). 

The sheer number of tall-tales and unbelievable scenarios that play out over each episode is truly amazing. While it's tough to pick just one or two, The Level 5 Special details the extreme lengths and (probably) millions of dollars that convicted predatory lending businessman Scott Tucker went to, just to win a regional club race, is truly one for the ages. If you're looking for something a little less inside, find out what 'bottle to throttle' means from the wild man Dorsey Schroeder. Oh, they have an Amazon Prime series as well. 


SlipAngle Podcast

03_SlipAngle Show Podcast

SlipAngle Podcast is the officially-unofficial podcast of everything GRIDLIFE. Co-founded by GRIDLIFE Motorsport Director Adam Jaabay and produced and co-hosted by GRIDLIFE Time Attack Competition Director Abrin Schmucker, SlipAngle is one of the longest-running automotive and motorsport enthusiast podcasts around. If you want to feel plugged-in to all things GRIDLIFE, this is the place to be. Episodes can vary quite a bit, from interviews with industry insiders, technical topics, product reviews, event coverage, and general automotive chatter to off-topic but still entertaining in-depth discussions about things like the merits of R.V. ownership. Without a doubt, SlipAngle is going to be one of the most honest and entertaining listens for those who want a podcast that feels a lot like hanging out with your friends at the track. 

SlipAngle is on the TrackTuned network of podcasts, and if you enjoy it, you'll probably also like Ten Tenths Podcast. It has a similarly relaxed vibe—hosts Adam Nielsen and Robbie Vierhout clearly have a lot of fun, whether it's bench racing, talking about the next event, or discussing the slippery slope of R.C. car ownership. 


Time With Attackers Podcast

04_Time With Attackers Podcast

Focusing more on the motorsport world's technical side, Time With Attackers is hosted by Canadian time attack racers Chris Boersma and James Houghton. Chris and James drive two of the craziest front-wheel-drive time-attack race cars in North America and regularly compete in GRIDLIFE and Global Time Attack. As the name suggests, Time With Attackers is focused solely on that part of the motorsport world and features in-depth discussions of technical topics, vehicle development, and builds, with drivers and racers from all over North America. If you've ever wondered what it takes to complete at the highest levels of the sport, Time With Attackers is a great listen. 


AMMO NYC Podcast

05_AMMO NYC Podcast logo

One of the great universals for many automotive enthusiasts is the care and maintenance of their car's paint; we all have to do it if we want to keep our pride and joy looking the best it can. While automotive detailing is potentially one of the more complex and confusing topics around, AMMO NYC is one of the best resources when it comes to learning more about how to best care for your paint. Hosted by owner Larry Kosilla, the AMMO NYC podcast is a super-informative and approachable series that tells you everything you need to know about caring for your vehicle's finish and anything else you can think of when it comes to detailing. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro when it comes to caring for your car or you're just getting started, the AMMO NYC Podcast is a great way to learn more about care products and how best to use them. 


Speed Secrets Podcast

06_Speed Secrets Podcast logo

Ross Bentley wrote the book, literally, on high-performance driving. The Speed Secrets Podcast is an extension of Ross's coaching business, and it is absolutely invaluable (and free) for would-be race car drivers of all kinds. Ross's experience as a professional driving coach and his enthusiasm for the art and craft of performance driving is unmatched, and quite honestly, a bit infectious. The Speed Secrets Podcast is a one-on-one interview series and features an outstandingly wide range of guests. It's also not just about being behind the wheel, with an in-depth discussion of sim racing, race car engineering, coaching, safety, events, and yes, plenty of interviews with pro drivers from all levels of motorsport. 


S3 Magazine Podcast

08_S3 Mag Podcast Logo

We're going to round out our podcast picks with another great all-arounder, the S3 Magazine Podcast. You may be more familiar with S3 Magazine if you're a fan of some of the more JDM-flavored makes and builds out there, but their coverage includes pretty much everything under the automotive sun, and their podcast reflects that. From off-road and hill climbs to drifting and time attack, mulling over the death of the manual transmission, or sitting down with HOONIGAN's Danger Dan, they have it all. Like pretty much all the other podcasts we've talked about, listening feels like you're sitting around with friends and just talking cars. If you've read any issues of S3 Magazine or take a listen to the podcast, you'll know it's all about the passion for cars we all share. 

Hopefully, with this list of the best car podcasts in hand, you'll have plenty of informative and entertaining automotive content for your next road trip, plane, or train ride. One of the best things about automotive enthusiast podcasts is that there's always a new one to discover. Gran Touring Motorsport's Break/Fix is one that just started a few months ago and combines general car chat with some track-oriented content, and could be one to keep an eye on. If you've got a personal favorite that we missed, let us know in the comments below! We're always looking to add a good podcast to our ever-growing list of favorites. 

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