Seven New Year's Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

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Every year, resolutions get made that we never seem to stick with.

This year, we're here to help you change that by focusing on the resolutions that actually matter; the ones for your cars. 

Resolution 1: Stop Smoking

New Ignition Coils

Among the most difficult resolutions to keep is to stop smoking. This year we'll make sure this isn't the case. Smoke from your exhaust can tell you a lot about the current health of your car. Rid yourself of those colored emissions by first determining the type of smoke, and then the appropriate remedy.

  • Blue/Grey Smoke: Your car is burning oil. This could be a myriad of issues; the severity of the smoke and the time that it occurs can expand on the cause. If you're blowing white smoke when first starting the car, it's a sign your valve seals need replacing. If white smoke is billowing out of your exhaust only during acceleration, it could be as simple as a stuck PCV Valve. Depending on your car, replacing the PCV Valve is a simple DIY process. If you have a turbocharged car, blue/grey smoke can be more severe; this could be an indicator that the turbo is failing.
  • Black Smoke: Your car is burning fuel in a bad way. One of the most common failures that cause this is a bad ignition coil. If your ignition coils aren't functioning as intended, this causes fuel to not be ignited properly. We offer ignition coils individually or as kits. Other simple causes could be a clogged air filter, bad MAF sensor or O2 Sensors. 
  • White Smoke: White smoke is only a problem if it's thick. If there's only a small amount, this is usually just condensation built up in your exhaust. If it is thick, your car is burning coolant. In the winter, your cooling system has added stress; not only keeping the car cool but keeping you warm. We have convenient kits to overhaul your entire cooling system.


Resolution 2: Drink Less

LIQUI MOLY radiator stop leak

For many, this resolution immediately starts off on the wrong foot New Year's Eve. Luckily, your car is more responsible than you are. If you're having to continually add coolant to your car, the New Year is a great time to take care of all those small cooling system leaks. LIQUI MOLY's Radiator Stop Leak will definitely do the trick; holding you over through the winter until you can overhaul your cooling system. 


Resolution 3: Lose Weight

Lightweight Flywheel

One trend you're likely to find on everyone's list year after year is to lose weight. For many, this is the most difficult of any resolutions. Thankfully, your car doesn't like dessert; it actually hates dessert. That's why this year, weight loss is a resolution you can keep. 

This Fidanza lightweight flywheel for the BMW E36 saves a considerable amount of weight over stock; fourteen pounds to be exact. In addition to the weight savings, the lightweight flywheel allows the engine to rev more freely and vary RPM more quickly. 


Resolution 4: Be Cooler

FCP Euro Cars & Coffee

Now that you've lost weight, it's time to ensure you stay cool. Make sure you don't overheat on your way to hang out with all the cool cars at the FCP Euro Cars & Coffee this season. Flushing your radiator and adding new coolant is one of the many ways to be sure you'll make it. 


Resolution 5: Build Muscle

GTI Big Turbo

Now you've trimmed down, you're cool, what more can you do? More muscle makes everything better. There are very few scenarios where more power isn't better. This new year you might not be willing to hit the gym, but why can't your car bulk up? This kit has everything you need to upgrade your MK7 Golf, GTI or SportWagen with the Golf R turbo. It's too bad it's not as simple to build actual muscle as it is to do this turbo swap!


Resolution 6: Be More Efficient

Sachs Performance Clutch Kit

Wasting time and wasting gas is expensive; that's why increasing your efficiency has a major impact. A worn clutch is an often overlooked component that can reduce your fuel economy. Replace your VW's worn clutch with this Sachs Performance clutch upgrade kit and watch your MPG's rise. With all that money you're saving, you can buy even more parts for your car!


Resolution 7: Save Money

Headlight Restoration Kit

Whether you have disposable income or you have to pinch pennies, saving money is something everyone can benefit from. If your headlights are dull and your light output is low, we could sell you new headlight assemblies. Why would you buy new ones though when you could instead use a headlight restoration kit. In just a short amount of time, your headlights will look as good as new!

On top of this, we all know car parts aren't cheap. This is why our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee makes so much sense; buy anything from us once, and it's guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. 


I don't know about you, if this year is anything like last, I'll only be sticking with my car resolutions once again. I mean, why work on yourself when you can work on your car? Click the banner below to shop our New Year's sale and be sure to subscribe. 


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