Seven New Years Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

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Every year, we make resolutions that rarely last beyond the end of January. This year, we're helping you focus on the resolutions that really matter—the ones for your car. With up to 18% off, now’s a perfect time to get started.  

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1. Stop Smoking

Among the hardest resolutions to keep for those who set it is to stop smoking—but not this year. Rid your tailpipe of those colored emissions by first addressing which type of smoke it is, and then treating it with the appropriate remedy. 

  • Blue/Grey Smoke: Your car is burning oil instead of burning fuel, and the first thing to check is the various gaskets and seals throughout your engine bay. 
    • In turbocharged cars, grey smoke can be a sign of a turbo on its way out.
  • Black Smoke: Your car is burning fuel, but in a bad way. Check your sensors, mainly the MAF or O2 sensors. 
    • Another simple, but often overlooked reason for black smoke is a clogged air filter.
  • White Smoke: Your car is burning coolant, and the first thing to check are the hoses—often made of rubber and plastic that are extremely susceptible to develop cracks and small holes. 


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2. Drink Less

Many people start off this resolution on the wrong foot by having too good of a time on New Year's Eve. Luckily, your car is more responsible than you are. Ensure it sips even less this year with the products at the bottom of the page. 



3. Lose Weight - Be More Nimble

Ask anybody that has made resolutions in the past, and one thing likely on their list is weight loss. It's also the easiest to ditch (desserts, anyone?). But your car doesn't like dessert—it hates dessert. That's why this year, weight loss is a resolution you can actually keep.  


Build muscle.gif

4. Build Muscle

Now that your frame has become more svelt and slender, adding power is the best way to really experience those results. But just like putting yourself on a diet and exercise program to build muscle, making your car perform better is a process that is best done over a long period of time. 


Be economical .gif

5. Be More Economical

We all want to do our part to make sure the environment is preserved for future generations, but we also want to not spend a fortune doing it. You might not know this, but our cars want the same (trust us, we can talk to them).

  • An ignition service not only makes your car smoother and more powerful, but a more efficient ignition makes for cleaner tailpipe emissions.
  • Educating yourself on the difference (or similarities) between OE, OEM, and Genuine parts could save a fortune down the line. 



6. Be cooler 

The car community is one of the most inclusive and most welcoming out of any, but only if you can physically get to the event. No way that's happening with a car that can't regulate it's own temperature. 

Take a page from Fonzie's book and "be cool", literally. 



7. Save Money

Whether you're rich or penniless, saving money is something everyone can benefit from. We know car parts aren't cheap, which is why our lifetime guarantee makes so much sense—buy it once, and it's guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.  


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