Astro Pneumatic Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers - Uses and Product Review

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How many times have you had to remove a hose clamp from a hard to reach location in your engine bay? Inside even the most cramped of engine bays, these Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers from Astro Pneumatic reach places most pliers can't.

Let's be real. Hose clamps can be a complete pain in the ass. Depending on their location, orientation, and how long they've gone untouched, they can be difficult to reach, let alone remove. Often times, traditional pliers can't access these clamps, requiring you to take your car apart farther than what's actually necessary. 

Astro Pneumatic Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers

Astro Pneumatic Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers In Use


In the video below, Jay briefly walks you through why you need these Astro Pneumatic Multi-Cable Hose Clamp Pliers. The simple design has two different hose clamp attachments as well as one for crimping. To operate, all you do is merely clip the end onto the hose clamp and squeeze. The low-profile cable design means that you can squeeze it into the tightest of spots. These hose clamp pliers are an invaluable tool that you'll wish you purchased many projects ago. 

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