Alan Power

Alan Power is a father, grandfather, husband, and a DIY enthusiast. He lives down-under in Western Australia and he enjoys spending time with his family and working in his home workshop. Not to mention enjoying maintaining and driving his classic cars.

Recent Posts

A Clever Repair For BMW 525i Output Shaft Leaks

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It often starts the same way. You leave a friends house and they point to a fluid patch on their driveway. You stop the car and inspect closely and wipe your finger over the substance. First you ...

Christmas Party Foul: Total Engine Failure

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I suspect our Christmas parties may have been a little unconventional....

Bad MAF Sensor? Overview, Symptoms, & Troubleshooting

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Mass Air Flow (MAF or Air Mass Meter) sensors are often overlooked when doing your routine maintenance schedule or a general service. This little sensor is usually housed in the intake hose duct or ...

Diagnosing Universal Joint Failure

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So, you’re heading off to work in the crisp cool morning and you hear a new strange “ping” noise when engaging reverse. There are many reasons for a metallic noise when you do this, but let’s just ...

Reducing Unsprung Weight: Improving Suspension Performance

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I must admit I get funny looks when buying rims and tires when I ask how much they weigh, as well as how much they cost....

The Benefits of Silicone vs. Rubber Hoses

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Typically, the under the hood temperature in our old V8 Chevys may have reached little more than the ambient temperature outside. There was almost enough room for me to climb in to those old engine ...

Understanding Tire Delamination: This Vibration Could Save Your Life

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I was driving home one evening when a car overtook me with what appeared to be showers of sparks emanating from the rear tire. The driver appeared to be unaware of anything being wrong. Fortunately ...

Don’t Do This To Your Brakes

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A car came into the workshop last week with some brake shudder. The owner was quite irate and informed me that he had recently had the brakes repaired at another local shop and now there was ...

How Not to Warm Up your Car Before Driving

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Did I just hear you say, “I don’t need to wait for the car to warm up, just give it a big rev!?”...

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