Alex Frank

Alex and his team are responsible for all consumer facing activities at FCP Euro including Service, Catalog, Marketing, Content, Branding, and Motorsport. An avid photographer, rock climber, skateboarder, and traveler he's inspired by things bigger than he is.

Recent Posts

I Drove A Base-Model VW Golf Over the Rockies in a Snow Storm and Saw the Donner Party

Blog Feature

Two days before Christmas, my wife and I found ourselves stranded in the Denver airport after missing a connection to southwest Utah. The choice in front of us was simple: wait two days for the next ...

The Key to My Heart - Replacing and Rekeying a BMW E30 Cylinder

Blog Feature

Years before working at FCP Euro, I worked at Home Depot in the hardware department. I didn't know it at the time, but I acquired a skill there that would come in handy when working on my BMW ...

How I Stopped the Ticking Behind my BMW 325i E30 Dash with my Finger

Blog Feature

For the past few weeks I've been hearing a clicking sound from somewhere in my dash, assuming it was the lifters or something in the engine bay. I spent most of my time in that area, looking around, ...

What I Didn’t Realize Until After my BMW 325i E30 Rear Shock Replacement

Blog Feature

Nate took my BMW 325i E30 for a drive one afternoon, after a quick drive downtown and back he handed me the keys. Sweating and nervous he exclaimed “you need rear shocks.” I knew they had blown, but ...

The Lessons I Learned when Replacing BMW E30 Headlights

Blog Feature

After the life-threatening experience the night before, it was time to fix the headlights on the E30. As you might remember from my first post, I don't like directions, but I often need them. So I ...

First Things First - What I changed when I first bought my BMW E30

Blog Feature

The E30 BMW 325i I just purchased immediately became my daily driver. I commute roughly 25 miles on the highway to the FCP Euro offices every day. In previous mornings I would listen to a podcast on ...

A Car that Doesn’t Suck Your Soul - The BMW E30

Blog Feature

Ten years ago I couldn't have spelled E30. I grew up among science and practical knowledge, with Lego and woodworking throughout my entire adolescence. My father had a 1964.5 Mustang, and I grew ...

Become a Paid BMW Contributor to FCP Euro's Blog

Become a regular paid contributor to FCP Euro's Blog!...

Introducing FCP Euro's OEM Parts Index

Blog Feature

We are really excited to announce one of our newest features that we’ve been working on for a while....

Introducing FCP Euro's Shipping Calander

Blog Feature

This week we've got another feature to announce, one we’ve been working really hard on for a long time....

Largest Sale of the Year - Save big on OEM & Genuine Parts

Blog Feature

  Largest Sale of the Year - $20 off $200 or more! Today is a special day, you regularly see our loyalty rewards in your inbox but today we’ve got something special. Today we’re excited to announce a ...

We've Moved!

We're very happy to announce that this past week we launched a new blog at We've got a lot to come for this blog, and we're really excited about some new things we're working on, so ...

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