Andrew Peng

Andrew is an aerospace engineer and car fanatic that enjoys working on his garage of Volvos and Subarus. When he’s not busy attending car meets and shows or taking things apart, he enjoys driving his cars and finding interesting new ways to break them. He can be reached via his personal website at, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or Twitter.

Recent Posts

The Dark Side of Volvo's Excellent V8

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Not many people know that at one point, Volvo offered a V8 in a select few of their vehicles. It's a wonderfully powerful and smooth engine that has ample torque, spins fast with a high redline, and ...

How to Change Volvo XC90 Front Control Arms

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As your beloved Volvo parts age, more and more of the suspension is wearing out and can make funny clunking noises. The most recent job I did is to replace the front control arms on my 2006 XC90 V8. ...

How to Replace Volvo Subframe Bushing Inserts

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Volvo's use of transverse engine configurations in it's '93+ FWD and AWD models means it needs a rather large subframe to hold everything together. The subframe holds the engine, transaxle, steering ...

How to Change a Volvo XC90 Fuel Filter (P2)

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The fuel filter on the Volvo XC90 is one of the easiest to change in any passenger car I've worked on. It's generally recommended to change the fuel filter every 60k miles or so, but on my XC90 with ...

What is an Evaporative Emissions System?

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Modern cars have advanced to the point where the much of the concern of pollution is no longer from the tailpipe - modern emissions controls such as catalytic converters, secondary air pumps, and ...

What is Volvo's MOST Bus?

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As automotive electronics are getting more and more complex, automotive manufacturers have been seeking more streamlined and efficient methods of integrating the audio system. At first thought, the ...

The Best Protection Your Engine Can Have

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  Choosing the right engine oil can be a tedious process. How do you figure out exactly which oil will best protect your engine, and how long should you run that oil before it becomes detrimental to ...

Using E85 in Performance Applications

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There has been a lot of talk over the past few years in the performance automotive circles about this curious new fuel that is slowly cropping up around the country. You may have seen it yourself - ...

How to Replace a Volvo XC90 V8 Alternator

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Early Volvo XC90 V8 models were plagued with premature alternator failures, often happening well before 100k miles. This actually happened to my 2006 XC90 V8 at about 92k miles. When I was searching ...

Warped Brake Rotors - Vibrating Reality or Internet Myth?

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Many of us have been there before - we apply the brakes to slow down our car and suddenly, the steering wheel shakes, the car lurches and vibrates, and the car comes to a shuddering stop while you ...

Volvo AWD Systems Explained

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Driving my Volvo XC90 in Colorado had me thinking about AWD systems and how they relate to vehicle performance. This led me further down the rabbit hole, and before I knew it I was neck-deep in ...

6 Tips for Effective Use of Anti Seize

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Anti-seize compound is commonly applied to fasteners to prevent the threads from becoming galled or damaged - especially when dissimilar metals are involved. For people that live in locations where ...

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