Anthony Peacock

Anthony Peacock is a small business owner and Volvo DIY enthusiast. He is an experienced videographer and editor with a long running reputation for owning and promoting Volvo cars and their many excellent qualities.

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Zimmermann Rotors and Bosch Quietcast Pads: A Brief Review

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Over the summer I was forced to replace the front rotors and pads on my Volvo V70 prematurely due to a seized caliper. There are many cheap local auto store options for these cars but none that I’ve ...

How to Remove & Replace a Volvo S70/V70/C70 Hood

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Since I first purchased my Volvo V70XC the hood has been a bit of an eyesore. The paint on these cars is very tough and for the most part should last the life of the car without major issues. However ...

How to Repair a Rattling Volvo V70/850 Tailgate

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Every old Volvo makes some creaks and groans, and it's part of what gives them their unique and beloved character. Ignoring my shaky dash (which I've almost tuned out by now) my '00 Volvo XC70 used ...

Volvo PCV System Maintenance and Function

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The PCV system is often neglected, which can lead to some serious problems. The vent system serves to move fumes from the hot oil, being used to lubricate everything inside the engine, to the intake ...

How to Replace the Shift Interlock Microswitch (Volvo)

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For 3-4 weeks my shifter seemed to be getting worse and worse. Not knowing what the immediate cause of this was I would just wiggle and jiggle the handle until it got into gear and then be on my way. ...

How to Wire and Retrofit Volvo Side Markers (P80)

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Anyone with a '98 or older P80 Volvo probably feels a bit left out of the game when it comes to OEM side markers. The hole in the fender is currently covered up by a moderately ugly VOLVO badge that ...

7 Important Summer Road Trip Prep Items

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For those of us in the northeast looking back on just about 6 months of hard winter weather, the sunshine of Summer is all too welcome. As our cars have finally defrosted it's time for a quick poke ...

How to Install Nivomat Volvo Shock Absorbers

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Many people seem down on the Nivomat dampener, however when working properly they do an excellent job at keeping everything level on the back of an AWD Volvo....

How to Know When a Bolt is Going to Break

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DIY car repair is sometimes really disheartening. For every great success, sometimes there is an equally great failure. Working on cars professionally is an art form that takes a great deal of ...

3 Important Volvo Performance Modifications (P80)

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HP, CV, HK, CH, KW, and PS are all abbreviated measures of engine output, and without supporting mods or proper preparation they are all meaningless. It's one thing to use speed in a straight line. ...

How to Replace A Volvo V70 Radiator & Intercooler (P80)

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A Volvo's front end is a gathering point for many essential systems. Directly in between the headlights are the A/C condenser, intercooler, radiator/oil cooler, and cooling fan. When they are all ...

How to Install an Aux-in Adapter in a Volvo V70 (P80)

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Adding an auxiliary input to a car designed in the 1990s is one of the best ways to increase overall enjoyment of the vehicle. Cassette adapters work, but often look sloppy and offer only marginal ...

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