Bill Petrey

Bill is an ASE certified technician and Senior Sales Associate at FCP Euro. He can be reached at

Recent Posts

Using and Understanding Anti-Lock Brakes

Blog Feature

You, a patchy icy road, and your car. There's only one brake pedal for four wheels, how do you stop as safely as possible?...

P1 Volvo S40 HID Headlight Bulb Replacement DIY

Blog Feature

Changing a P1 S40 headlight is simpler (and cheaper!) than you might think. My friend was actually quoted $285.00 for the light bulb and the install. For the price of a D2S bulb ($69.95) and 5 ...

How My Audi Drove Me to Drinking

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I've done many interference timing jobs, from Japanese to European vehicles. I've also been working on cars since I was five, trying to "help" my father. When I say "help" I mean I was beating a ...

Learn to DIY: Brakes

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So you want to try and tackle the front brakes on your own? This is a good learning experience for the beginner to get their feet wet. Best of all it's usually not very difficult. Depending on your ...

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