Bryan McPhail

Bryan is a longtime BMW enthusiast in Florida.

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What is a BMW Light Control Module? (LCM)

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Once upon a time, a light switch in a car simply completed a circuit between the battery and a bulb, or sometimes the battery to a relay which activated the battery/bulb circuit. Those days are long ...

How to Repair BMW X5 Power Windows (E53)

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Power windows on the E53 BMW X5 have became known for failing with age, often leaving the window jammed in the fully down position. Earlier BMWs tended to use a 'scissor lift' style window regulator, ...

How to Diagnose an Electrical No-Start Condition

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The most common reason for a car failing to start is simply that the battery cannot provide enough power to turn the starter motor. If the battery is fine though and you believe air, fuel and spark ...

BMW/Mercedes Drive Belt Tensioner Facts & Diagnosis

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Drive belt tensioners are a sometimes overlooked maintenance item, and if your car has 100K-200K miles on the clock then it could need replacement. As the name suggests the job of the tensioner is to ...

How to Diagnose BMW/Mercedes Blower HVAC Problems

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Not having air blowing in the cabin, either from AC or heating, is usually electrical in nature and can be quickly narrowed down to either fuses, the control module, or the blower motor. Fuses are ...

How to Replace a BMW X5 Front Axle (E53)

The CV joint boot on the front left of the E53 BMW X5 is notorious for premature failure - quite often it is found to have failed whilst the other 3 corners are near pristine! When the boot tears, ...

Mercedes-Benz Heated Washer Fluid Troubleshooting & Repair (W220, E210)

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Some Mercedes models like the W220 S-Class and E210 E-Class include a heated washer fluid reservoir in addition to heated spray nozzles.  From the parts diagram below you can see it works by ...

BMW 850Ci Leather Cleaning & Restoration DIY

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Seats are often the first thing you see when getting in a car, and old worn/dirty seats make a terrible impression when buying or selling. On the other hand, great seats can really lift an interior ...

Mercedes S/E/R-Class Driveshaft Flex Joint & Transmission Mount Replacement

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I recently wrote about checking driveline mounts and flex joints and the problems they can cause on a BMW, often starting as vibrations. This time let's look at the practicalities of swapping them ...

Mercedes CL/S-Class Gas Pedal Replacement (00-02)

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Cold weather can lead to strange problems with cars - in my case the gas pedal simply stopped working.  In the late 90's many BMW and Mercedes models moved to electronic drive-by-wire gas pedals and ...

How BMW's Integral III Rear Axle Works (E31 8-Series)

80's and 90's BMW models have long been known as great handling cars.  Part of the reason for that came from innovations on the rear of the cars, in particular the multi-link rear suspension ...

Okay, What the Heck is a Giubo?

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It's not uncommon for RWD and AWD cars to exhibit driveline vibration at some point in their lives. Specifically, European vehicles can start to show failure at the giubo flex-joint. Pronounced ...

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