Dan Bullmore

Dan Bullmore is a physicist and engineer from Houston, TX. Preferring the old to the new, Dan has owned many examples of Mercedes and Volvo vehicles and has devoted much of his time to maintaining and understanding them.

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How To Test The Vacuum Pods On A Mercedes-Benz W124

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Here's what to do if the air conditioning isn't working on your W124 Mercedes....

3 Commonly Overlooked Maintenance Items

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It is probably safe to say that most of us spend a good deal of our time looking after and caring for our cars. We do the typical maintenance checks, such as maintaining our tire pressure, changing ...

How a Bosch Alternator Works

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Over a period of time during the 60s and 70s, the electrical generator in most cars was replaced with what is called an alternator. So called because of the alternating current which it generates, ...

The Relationship Between Power and Torque

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One of the things most often found in forums and online communities of car enthusiasts is a discussion on horsepower and torque, and their relationships to one another. There is quite a lot of ...

How Forced Induction is The Key to Engine Efficiency

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Engine efficiency is a very broad concept, and a very large component of the physical discipline known as thermodynamics. For all engines, there is a calculable maximum efficiency. Since the laws of ...

How to Replace a Steering Idler Arm on (Most) Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

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  A closeup of the idler arm as installed- passenger tie rod to the left, and drag link to the right.   Before the mid 1990's (including the W123, W124, W126, and W201), Mercedes-Benz generally used ...

Automotive Interior Upkeep and Maintenance Advice

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For me, the most important styling aspect of any car is the interior. As a kid, I would sit up late researching car interiors, looking over photographs and browsing the internet in search of "The ...

Understanding and Maintaining Disc Brake Calipers

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Since the 1970's, it's been hard to find a car that didn't have at least one set of brake calipers. Though the calipers have changed a lot over the years, the job they do has not. Caliper maintenance ...

Mercedes E-Class Multi-Link Supension Rebuild (W201 W124)

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Shortly after purchasing my W124 E-class, I went to work replacing the entire front suspension. Rust damage had gotten the better of most of the iron bits on the underbody. Also, the front, due to ...

Mercedes M103/M104 Engine Water Pump Replacement

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In last week's article, I discussed a very unfortunate situation in which the shaft bearing of the water pump on my M103 Mercedes engine disintegrated and was ejected through the front of the pump ...

Mercedes E-Class (W124) Accessory Pulley Bearing Failure

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My wife called me on the telephone earlier this week to notify me that, without warning, our W124 Mercedes sedan began making an awful noise at a red light. She pulled over and turned it off ...

How to Replace a Mid-80's Mercedes Ignition Lock Tumbler

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If you own a W123, W124, W201, or W126 Mercedes, there is a replacement item lurking in your dashboard that can be the cause of great heart (and wallet) ache if it finally decides to give out on you. ...

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