Dave Greco

Interested in cars at a young age, I purchased my first project car at the age of 16 and fixed it with the help of my father. At a young age I would work on cars with friends and research how things work because I wanted to learn as much as possible.

Recent Posts

How To Install Rear Lower Control Arms & Shocks On A BMW E46

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We'll show you how to do it in just a few simple steps....

How To Choose Oil For Your Oil Change

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  Oil changes are easy—drain the old stuff out, and put the new stuff in. But what kind of stuff are you putting in? What weight? What type? What brand? We're here to help. ...

Audi S4 Brake DIY (B8 2010 & Up)

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In this Brake DIY Scott Skrzypczak goes over the process of replacing brake pads and rotors on a B8 chassis Audi S4. This DIY will help with the important steps needed to perform the install yourself ...

FCP Euro - Expansion of VW Audi Online Parts Catalog

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Milford, CT, March 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- FCPEuro has announced the expansion of the Audi catalog with a focus on building out the main sections, including brake, suspension, and general vehicle ...

Everything You Need to Know About Mann Filters at FCP Euro

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A common question that we receive almost daily is how Mann filters compare with some of the other filter options we have available. The truth is Mann is usually the stand out brand when it comes to ...

Genuine Parts & Accessories from FCP

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The selection of Genuine parts that FCP carriers covers nearly every section of a vehicle with everything from suspension parts to engine mechanical also exterior, interior replacement parts. While ...

The Right Oil Makes All The Difference - Oil Change & Service Kits

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Most people refer to an oil change as simple maintenance performed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles to prevent engine sludge while making sure critical engine components are well lubricated and protected. ...

Sachs Shocks from ZF, Quality & Reliability

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When it comes time to replace shocks on your European vehicle it may become confusing as to which brand to go with.  It sometimes seems like there's a never ending amount of options but Sachs is the ...

Bosch QuietCast Brakes Now Available at FCP Euro

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As you already know, many new product lines are added to our website on a monthly basis. Our product team pays careful attention to the quality and value when considering a new product line.  A ...

Lisle Tools Now Available at FCP Euro

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There's often a lot of debate about what new products we add to our catalog at FCP.  We often ask ourselves do the new products provide value to the customer? Are they actually useful? What is the ...

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