David Fresne

David Fresne is a Mechanical Engineering Student at SUNY Polytechnic. He likes to work on his B6 Audi A4 and motorcycle in his free time.

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[NOT READY] How to Replace a Coolant Flange on a 1.8T (AMB)

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The coolant flange is one of the more common parts to fail on a 1.8T. I have witnessed three different situations where the original flange failed right around 120k-140k miles, I have heard that it ...

How to Install a Rear Sway Bar on a B6/B7 Audi A4

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Due to the AWD design of the B6/B7, the front of the engine needs to be positioned in front of the front axle longitudinally. With the weight of the engine positioned over the front axle, this causes ...

How to Change a Diverter Valve on a 1.8T (VW Audi)

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For many Audi & VW 1.8T owners, the stock diverter valve is prone to failure even under stock daily driving and the factory boost pressure settings. Moreover, once you begin making any engine ...

How to Install Audi S4 Calipers on an A4 1.8T (B6)

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A cost effective brake upgrade is to replace the single piston calipers with the two piston calipers that are found on many different Audi models, such as the D2 A8, C5 A6 with 2.7T engine and B5 ...

How to Install Engine Mounts (VW/Audi)

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A common failure point in the VW/Audi family are the engine mounts. In order to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) transmitted into the cabin, the engine mounts are filled with a damping ...

How to Upgrade From a B6 to B7 Audi Key Fob

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Tired of looking at your outdated B6 key fob? Well, you're in luck! You can easily upgrade to a newer B7 key fob with simple hand tools and a little patience. Here's how....

How to Install a MAF Sensor on an Audi 1.8T (B6, VW)

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Modern fuel injected vehicles need a way to tell the computer how much air is coming into the engine in order to supply the appropriate amount of fuel. Most automakers do this with a MAF (mass air ...

How to Install a Metal Skid Plate (Audi B6)

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I recently picked up a used Thor Skid Plate. A skid plate is nice to have if your car is lowered to protect the oil pan as well as other components and is a lot more durable than the plastic belly ...

How to Replace an Audi 2.8L V6 Oxygen Sensor

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Oxygen sensors are a common fault after 100,000 miles on most any vehicle. My old B5 Audi A4 once needed the upstream (pre-cat) oxygen sensors replaced, both of which being accessible from under the ...

The Basics of Turbochargers

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For many people, a turbocharger is a magical device that makes cool noises, and their car go faster. As Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear once said, “Exhaust gasses go into the turbocharger and spin it, ...

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