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Eric Seeger is a writer and editor who has a taste for wagons. He has owned three Volkswagens, a Volvo, and is currently nursing two BMWs through life. All had a fifth door.

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How To Replace The Trailing Arm Support On A BMW E34 (540i, 530i, M5 & More)

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The BMW E34's trailing arms (a.k.a. rear control arms) are basically the meeting points for the rear wheels and all critical suspension components. The trailing arm uses a series of bushings to ...

How to Replace a Water Pump on an E39 BMW 5-Series (6-cylinder)

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It’s no secret that the E39’s Achilles Heel is its dismal cooling system. Built almost entirely out of plastic, the system doesn't age well. When its components fail, they have a well-documented ...

How to Replace Transmission Mounts on a BMW 5-Series (E34)

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The GM 4L30E automatic transmission (a.k.a A4S-270R, a.k.a A4S-310R) used in BMW's E34 cars (and some years of the E36) have four transmission mounts. This DIY will discuss replacing the rear two ...

How to Change a BMW 5-Series Cabin Filter (E39)

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There are two times of year that usually have me changing the cabin filter on my cars: Pollen season and leaf season. But if you have an E39 like the BMW 525i, you should probably take the job one ...

DIY: Land Rover LR3 spark plug change

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This is not a hard job at all. It just takes patience when loosening the spark plugs. It took us about 2 hours to do this job using all Land Rover parts from FCP Euro, including a late-night run to ...

DIY: Changing Oil on an LR3 with the V8 Engine

Changing oil is probably the most straightforward DIY projects an owner can tackle—as long as the manufacturer put all the vehicle’s oil holes in the right places. Once you can get past the Land ...

What I Learned: One Year with a $600 BMW 525i Wagon

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I spotted my beloved disaster sitting on a rural used lot instead of ancient pickups and rusted out Jeeps. “$600 Bad Transmission” was scrawled on the windshield in white paint pen. Truth in ...

DIY: How to Replace Front Lower Control Arm on BMW E39 – 525i, 528i, 530i

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