Glen Cordle

Glen is a mechanical designer from Minneapolis Minnesota. An old-school motorhead at heart, he respects anything that’s had passion poured into it. A jack of all trades, master of some.

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The Best Way to Teach Someone How to Drive Stick

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Driving a car with a manual transmission adds a level of enjoyment to the driving experience, I typically prefer a manual (sometimes called stick shift or standard, depending on your location) Over ...

How to Research Car Repairs and Purchase Tips

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When preparing to buy a new or used car, or getting ready for a particular maintenance item, it pays to research. In this day and age there is seemingly endless information literally at your ...

How to Fix a Leaking Audi Sunroof Drain Channel

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When a sunroof leaks on any car, the first place to check is usually the drains. Standard sunroof seals are not designed to keep all of the water out, they're designed to keep large quantities out ...

3 Useful Winter Necessities For Your Trunk

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Owning and maintaining a car is a responsibility. By keeping yourself prepared you can safeguard your future self. Here are a few things that I recommend the average car enthusiast should keep in ...

Modified Cars: Not Worth The Sum of Their Parts?

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We’ve all seen it, someone is selling a car that is maybe worth $4,000 but they have it listed for $8,000. Why? Because they have a kickin’ stereo, or an aftermarket turbo kit, or $4,000 wheels/tires ...

How to Track Down and Eliminate Interior Odors

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A funky smell can come from a number of areas on the interior of your car. It could be from a previous owner's dog or cat, items dropped or spilled in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) ...

Volvo V70R Steering Wheel Leather Re-Cover

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I picked up a basketcase of a 1999 V70R and have been slowly bringing it back to life one item at a time, right now I will tackle recovering the factory steering wheel, it's much easier than you ...

The Beauty of a $900 car

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There comes a time in your life when you really just need a cheap, reliable, car. Something that doesn't need to look nice or garner the attention of your friends, but just serve as a mode of ...

Anti-Sway Bars - More Than Just Metal

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When discussing which modifications to start with when working with a blank slate, aftermarket sway bars are often near the top of the list for the simple fact that a nicely tuned suspension will ...

The Porsche Sport Driving School Experience

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Track driving is one of the most thrilling experiences for an automotive enthusiast, regardless of the vehicle.  Having the opportunity to not only spend a weekend driving at Barber Motorsports Park, ...

7 Tips For Long Distance Car Purchasing

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As an enthusiast I've had several times in my life where a particular car that I wanted to buy was not conveniently located near me. Here I will detail what steps I go through when preparing to seal ...

Volvo Intercooler Hose Kit Overview, V70 R, X70

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As these cars get older, the rubber bits and pieces under the hood tend to get soft, crack, or in extreme cases rupture. It's a good idea to keep your car running well with good condition hoses and ...

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