Greg Duffield

Greg Duffield is a Mercedes-Benz Master Technician from the Portland, OR area. Because keeping a high-mileage 450SEL and ML350 on the road is not enough, he is always interested in another old/cheap car project.

Recent Posts

Mercedes-Benz 7-Speed Transmission (722.9) Service Walkthrough

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To ensure long life and peace of mind in your 7-speed (722.9) Mercedes-Benz transmission, periodic service is a must. The 722.9 7-speed transmission comes in two variants that determine the service ...

Mercedes-Benz 5-Speed Transmission Service Walkthrough (722.6 Transmissions)

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Originally touted as the “maintenance free” transmission by Mercedes, the 5-speed automatic that began appearing in the late 1990s was an excellent and versatile gearbox. The “maintenance free” title ...

Mercedes-Benz Chassis Codes Explained

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By working in a Mercedes shop, I have the opportunity to be around Mercedes parts both old and new. When you line up several cars of the same model side-by-side you can easily see how they have ...

8 Types of Sellers on Craigslist

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I do a lot of window shopping on Craigslist. I actually consider it one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Doing the homework and researching a particular type of car is half of the fun when car ...

Why Won’t My Mercedes Diesel Shut Off? (W123, W116, W126)

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Have you ever pulled up to a valet drive in your Mercedes Benz only to have the engine continue to run? Did you go through the further embarrassment of popping your hood to shut it off and then ...

Mercedes-Benz Cabin Filter Replacement (C-Class, GLK, E-Class)

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The newer C-Classes and E-Classes like the Mercedes E350 have really made cabin filter replacement much more of a chore. No longer are the cabin filters located under the hood in a large plastic box ...

How To Fix Mercedes-Benz Wagon Poor Ride Quality (W210, W124, W123)

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If you have an older Mercedes station wagon (pre-2004) you have probably dealt with poor ride quality at some point. I like to compare it to driving around a basketball. This is similar to driving a ...

Mercedes-Benz ML and GL Manual Tailgate Conversion (W164 and X164)

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A common ailment to the 2006-2012 Mercedes-Benz ML and GL (W164 and X164) is the automatic tailgate. The automatic tailgate is an option that was almost always been chosen when they were new....

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