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This 1000+ Wheel Horsepower F80 M3 Will Take A Tesla's Lunch Money In A Drag Race

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The BMW M3 is an icon in the world of performance cars. Its perfect balance of power and precision has made it a track darling for the better part of three decades. When the F80 was introduced, there ...

How The Volvo Community Helped Fix My Broken V70R In Less Than 24 Hours

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Simply put, I have suffered a major setback on the Volvo V70R. One of my cars rolled out of my garage, down a steep incline (my driveway), straight into my Volvo V70R.  The Subaru community is known ...

How To (Safely) Get More Power Out Of Your Volvo V70R

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Modifying a car, whether it be for better power, handling, reliability or even fuel economy, comes with compromises. Usually, if you increase one, you decrease the other. For example, better fuel ...

How To "Stage Zero" Your Volvo V70R

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  Whenever you buy a used car, it's advisable to do a quick "tune up." What's entailed in that tune up depends entirely on the make and model vehicle, but on a Volvo V70R, it's actually all pretty ...

Why The Volvo V70R Is A Better Performance Project Car Than A BMW E46 M3

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If you're looking to purchase your first go-fast project car, there is one candidate that repeatedly comes to mind—an E46 M3. Widely regarded as the last "true" M3, the combination of the chassis, ...

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