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How To Change The Brake Lines On An Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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All Porsche 911s have excellent brakes from the factory, however, that performance degrades with age, especially if not cared for properly. Even the newest model air-cooled Porsche 911 is at least 20 ...

How To Change The Fuel Pump On An Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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If your engine is having problems running, and your diagnosis includes low fuel pressure and/or abnormally loud engine bay noises, it may be time for a new fuel pump....

How To Change The Hood & Deck Lid Shocks On An Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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Hey you, stop propping your hood or deck lid with a stick. Replace those tired shocks once and for all with this short DIY....

How To Change The Engine Oil On An Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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The air-cooled Porsche 911 is also an oil-cooled machine. A large cooling fan blows air over the cylinders and heads to provide some direct air-cooling, but a big portion of the overall cooling comes ...

How To Change The Fan Belt On an Air-Cooled Porsche 911

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Here's a quick tutorial on how to change the fan belt on your classic air-cooled Porsche911. ...

Porsche 911 Jacking Points DIY - How To Safely Raise Your 911 On Jack Stands

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The air-cooled Porsche911 is a very unconventional sports car. It has a flat floor, torsion bar suspension, and an engine hanging out behind the rear wheels. Almost all of the maintenance procedures ...

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