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Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - What's Up with the Engine?

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As much as the GRM crew wanted to keep this E30 mostly stock inside and out, upon inspecting the engine that whole plan had to be thrown out the window....

Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - Cleaning Up the Ol' Girl

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Although Grassroots Motorsports' E30 318iS project car still does not run, any engine work had to wait until the car got a thorough cleaning - both inside and out.  ...

Grassroots Motorsports E30 318iS Project - The Beginning

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We share a lot in common with the folks at Grassroots Motorsports.  Whether it's on a long weekend drive, or a personal vacation, or traveling to races, we're constantly checking classified ads ...

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide

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Remember all those times when something went wrong and only dad could help fix it? It's time to pay him back and this year, we know exactly what to get him. ...

Cars And Coffee Is Back June 10th!

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  Our first event had over 100 cars in attendance. This next one, with warmer weather, should be an even better turnout. ...

The Best of the 2018 New England Dust Off

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For the past few years, the New England Dust Off has been taking over Thompson Motor Speedway, bringing together some of the coolest Dubs and Audis in the area....

Here's Our Favorite Rides At The 2018 UConn Car Show

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For over a decade, the University of Connecticut Car Club (UC3, for short) has been bringing New England together under one theme: our love of cars. ...

Catalytic Converters: What Happens When They Go Bad?

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  Image courtesy of Master Muffler...

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