Kyle Bascombe

Kyle is the Technical Support Lead for FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2014. He has been in the Automotive industry for 6 years and brings an invaluable amount of knowledge to FCP. Prior to joining FCP, Kyle was a private business owner and found FCP Euro while looking to source the highest quality European parts for his customers. Kyle can be reached at

Recent Posts

The Definitive Guide To Keeping Your Supercharged Mercedes-AMG M113K Cool

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We're not referring to the way it looks, we're talking about keeping those temperatures down when you're doing highway pulls against your buddy's BMW.  Between 2002 and 2011, Mercedes-AMG strapped a ...

The Definitive Guide To Mercedes-AMG Brake Retrofit Options

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If you own a Mercedes-AMG manufactured within the last fifteen years, you know that while the braking systems are extremely robust, utilizing world-class components from Brembo, they can be costly to ...

The Most Common Issues Of The Mercedes-Benz AMG M156 Engine

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As the multitude of vehicles equipped with the M156 engine reach higher mileages, there are a handful of common issues that tend to crop up. We have solutions to these common issues as we recommend ...

Mercedes-Benz M156 (C63 AMG, S63 AMG, & More) Cylinder Head Service Recommendations

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There are a number of issues on the Mercedes-Benz M156 engine found in various AMG models that would require you to remove the cylinder head. Whether you need to tackle just one of the issues or all ...

How To Replace The Brake Booster On A Volvo P3 (S60, X60, V70, & More)

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If it's time to replace the brake booster on your Volvo P3, the signs and symptoms are fairly apparent. If your brake pedal is extremely hard while having little to no stopping ability, that's a good ...

Mercedes-Benz 7G-TRONIC (722.9) Transmission Service Recommendations & Modifications

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The Mercedes 7-speed transmission was shipped in the majority of models from 2004 through 2016. By 2010, the 722.9 was offered in all models, excluding those with the V12 twin turbo models (S600, S65 ...

Why You Should Upgrade To Mercedes-Benz Black Series Engine Mounts

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Mercedes AMG models, particularly ones equipped with the M113K and M156 engines, have a propensity to go through engine mounts rapidly. With the mounts being fluid filled, the design doesn’t lend ...

The Definitive Guide To The Mercedes-Benz M272 And M273 Engines - Common Failure Symptoms and Diagnosis

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When you think of a ten-year-old Mercedes, what's the first thing you imagine? For me, it's comfort and luxury, not high performance and reliability. But in reality, the M272 and M273 engines ...

Here's What Happened At The 2018 Supplier Training Expo

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  It was eventful from the moment we boarded the plane....

CTEK battery tenders. Don't risk being stranded!

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If you're leaving your car unattended for any length of time, it's always a good idea to ensure your battery is properly maintained.  Rather than disconnecting the battery or removing it from the ...

Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock Failure - Part Two

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In Part One of this series I introduced you to a fairly common failure point with late model Mercedes C and E class vehicles. The electronic steering lock or ESL failure will prevent your vehicle ...

Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock Failure - Part One

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One of the most disconcerting things that can occur is turning the key in your ignition and getting absolutely no response from your vehicle. For owners of Mercedes C-class and E-class vehicles, this ...

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