Michael Delikat

Automobile aficionado. I really enjoy the engineering behind many of the automotive products out today. This includes mundane things which no one really looks at like filters, fluids along with suspension design and behavior. I also enjoy all things rare and produced in low numbers. Being a Service Manager at independent specialists and working at the dealership gives me valuable insight as to how cars get repaired, what products work, and what makes customers happy.
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Recent Posts

How To Choose The Right Engine Oil For Your Car

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API, ACEA, ILSAC, Long Life, SAE, JASO what does all this mean? We've got the answers. ...

Why LIQUI MOLY Oil & Additives Is The Real Deal 

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Why would one love something as mundane as engine oil and additives? Well, when the product lives up to the hype, what's not to love?...

How To Pick The Right Coolant For Your Car 

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Buying coolant for your euro car can be an ordeal. What type do you get? How much of it do you need? Where can you get it? We've got your answers and some data to help you make the right call for ...

How To Pick The Right Brake Fluid For Your Car

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With so many different types of brake fluid, how do you know what's best for your car? We're here to explain it all. ...

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