Michael Hurczyn

My Avatar picture was taken in 1980, and I've been playing with BMW's ever since. BMW CCA Driving Instructor since 2001. Track Rat, Club Racer, general tinkerer, and Brand Director at FCP Euro. Driver of the FCP Euro sponsored #710 e30 and #720 C300 in AER.

Recent Posts

An Insider's Guide to FCP Euro

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We help European car owners have a more enjoyable and enduring ownership experience. Here’s how we do it:...

FCP Euro Weekly Auto Digest

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 We found some of the best distractions on the internet   WATCH: 2983 hp of AMG in one race:...

FCP Euro Partners With SCDA To Help You Get On Track

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One of the most common questions I get asked by my fellow employees and car enthusiasts is how they can get into track days and racing. There really isn't a secret formula, but there are really great ...

FCP Euro adds Sachs Performance to the Partner Line-up for 2018 PWC Campaign.

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FCP Euro is proud to announce its partnership with Sachs Performance for their 2018 racing efforts, joining an already established team of partners including LIQUI MOLY, 034Motorsport, and Heinlein ...

FCP Euro Partners with 034Motorsport for the 2018-2019 Pirelli World Challenge Seasons

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FCP Euro Partners with LIQUI MOLY for 2018-2019 Pirelli World Challenge Campaign

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For Immediate Release - January, 25, 2018, Milford, CT -- FCP Euro is proud to announce a new long-term partnership with LIQUI MOLY for the 2018-2019 Pirelli World Challenge season. FCP Euro has ...

FCP Euro Enters Two Volkswagen GTI TCRs In The 2018 Pirelli World Challenge Season

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  It's official. We're bringing two Volkswagen GTI TCRs to our HQ in Milford, CT. ...

Car Control Should Never Be a Negotiation

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Uneven road surfaces—they do a number on your car's suspension and, over time, those components wear out. That's where Lemforder comes in....

Your 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R Desktop Wallpaper Is Here

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It's Friday, you're killing time at work, counting the hours before the weekend starts and you begin throwing Mercedes parts at your project C63 AMG. You can spend the next five minutes of your life ...

How An Easy Suspension Mod Will Improve Your Tire Wear And Handling

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So many car owners look for a quick hack or an easy modification that's not only relatively inexpensive, but will drastically improve the dynamics of the vehicle it's attached to. This is one of ...

This Is What Makes Bilstein Shock Absorbers So Great

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The technology is simpler than you might think....

FCP Euro Motorsports Weekend Update, 03/05/2017

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BMW Owners! We've got an ad in every issue of Roundel BMW magazine this year... have you seen it?  If so, be sure to post a photo of the ad and tag #fcpeuro online!  We'd love to see some photos of ...

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