Michael Hurczyn

My Avatar picture was taken in 1980, and I've been playing with BMW's ever since. BMW CCA Driving Instructor since 2001. Track Rat, Club Racer, general tinkerer, and Brand Director at FCP Euro. Driver of the FCP Euro sponsored #710 e30 and #720 C300 in AER.

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How to Follow FCP Euro Motorsports

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There's a lot going on with the FCP Euro Motorsports team, and we've got tons of exciting things to share with you this season. If you want to follow along with the progress of the build and our ...

Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - Teaser Video

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Short and sweet, today we've got a teaser video highlighting some of the progress we've made on the Mercedes C300 race car over the past few weeks, enjoy. And remember to follow us on Facebook on our ...

Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - Differential Rebuild and Install

Blog Feature

Just recently we sourced a Quaife LSD Limited Slip Differential from the UK. This differential, while utilizing a different method of locking, is the same style differential as all BMW M cars and ...

Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - Brakes & Motorsports Monday

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Progress is abound!...

Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - The Cage

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There are many makes and models which are popular in racing where roll cage kits are available - BMW e36, e46, Porsche 911, and Subaru WRX for rallying. The tubes are pre-bent and notched, and all ...

Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - Stripping the Car

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What started as a very nice Mercedes Benz C300 6 speed soon became a shell of a luxury car as the small team tore apart the interior recently. One of our objectives was taking the car from good to ...

The Road to Atlanta

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Mercedes C300 Race Car Update - The Pickup

Blog Feature

Deep in the heart of New York City, we found a unicorn. A unicorn that we're going to be racing through the 2017 American Endurance Racing series this year. The car is a 2010 C300 Mercedes Benz 6 ...

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