Michael Hurczyn

My Avatar picture was taken in 1980, and I've been playing with BMW's ever since. BMW CCA Driving Instructor since 2001. Track Rat, Club Racer, general tinkerer, and Brand Director at FCP Euro. Driver of the FCP Euro sponsored #710 e30 and #720 C300 in AER.

Recent Posts

I Need to Make a BMW E30 Last for 18 Hours of Racing at Watkins Glen

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It's happening!  We are going racing!  FCP Euro has entered a BMW Spec E30 in American Endurance Racing's first event of 2016 at the iconic, and freshly repaved, Watkins Glen International in New ...

Preparing our BMW E30 for 18 Hours of Endurance Racing with AER

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There is so work much to do.  Where to begin?  ...

Announcing the Team Line-up for FCP Euro's BMW E30 in American Endurance Racing

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An endurance race is true test of man and machine.  It takes a reliable car, a strategy, money, and a team.  Having FCP Euro on our team has helped get us the parts that (hopefully) will get us ...

Who Makes the Best 5 Cylinder Engines? Audi, Volvo, or the FCP Euro Race Team?

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While leading our class at Watkins Glen during the second 9-hour race with American Endurance Racing on April 24, our BMW E30's engine stopped working. It was pulling hard in 4th gear going up the ...

Picking a Donor Engine for the FCP Euro BMW E30 Endurance Race Car

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In case you haven't read the article yet, we broke a connecting rod in our relatively stock BMW M20B25 during our last race at Watkins Glen.  The engine may still be salvageable, but with only about ...

AER Race #3 - NJMP | Our BMW E30 Surpassed 42 Hours of Racing This Year

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Round 3 of American Endurance Racing was held at New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville NJ.  South Jersey in the middle of July is a sauna.  Add in wearing a 3 layer nomex suit, a 120*F cockpit, ...

The FCP Euro BMW E30 Enters AER Race #4 - Summit Point Motorsports Park

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As we prepare our e30 BMW 325i for this weekend's race at Summit Point, it's crazy to think how far we've come and how much we've learned from our first three races. Our little e30 has raced for 47 ...

FCP Euro Wins AER At Summit Point Motorsports Park!

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What a crazy weekend! Nate Vincent and I entered an 18-hour race at a track we'd never been to, with just the two of us driving, and only FCP's own Gareth Foley on crew duties. Most teams have at ...

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