Nicolas Siemsen

Nicolas lives in Tucson, AZ where he spends his weekdays as an emergency manager, and his weekends working on cars, either his or his friend's. He has a passion for old cars, which he indulges through the classic W123 Mercedes-Benz, and for fast cars, currently an E39 540i M-sport.

Recent Posts

The Axle Dilemma - OEM? Aftermarket? Rebuilt? Used?

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When it comes time to purchase a replacement part for your older European vehicle, such as the Mercedes-Benz W123 models that will be discussed here, there often isn't much of a decision making ...

Three Neglected Maintenance Items on Mercedes-Benz W123 Diesels

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The venerable W123 chassis produced by Mercedes-Benz from 1977 through 1985, especially the diesel variety, has a reputation for being unstoppable. “They will just run, and run, and run!” As a result ...

How to Change Coolant in a Diesel W123 Mercedes-Benz

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It often seems that coolant is one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind maintenance items even for most DIY mechanics. Especially with modern coolants that have extended lifespans of 5 years or 100,000 ...

Using Free Service Manuals for Mercedes-Benz W123 and W124 Models

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Whenever an automotive manufacturer produces a vehicle, they publish what is called a Factory Service Manual (FSM). The FSM provides step-by-step procedures for completing maintenance and repair ...

How to Repair a Stripped Thread With a Helicoil

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Many a DIY'er has been there before - you've just completed several hours of hard labor replacing several key suspension components and all you have to do is get the wheels on before you can drive ...

How to Change Engine Oil and Filter in a Diesel Mercedes-Benz

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The OM616, OM617, and OM617a inline diesel engines came equipped in a variety of Mercedes platforms starting in the mid-1970's on through the mid-1980's, at least in the U.S. marketplace. With over a ...

With Age, Every Part Becomes a Wear Part

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Anyone who owns a car understands that typical wear parts need to be replaced - things like brakes, shocks, belts, etc. Generally these are things that move, compress, switch, twist, grab...they work ...

Why Mercedes DIY Diagnosis Can Save Serious Cash

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Since you are here reading this blog I imagine that you have a sense that doing your own car repairs can save you money, but what if I told you that doing some DIY diagnosis before jumping in and ...

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