Tony Robinett

Tony lives in Spokane, Washington and is a 3-D Design Engineer, machinist, and welder. When he’s not at work he is designing and fabricating parts for his M3, and other BMWs alike.

Recent Posts

How to Replace a BMW Window Regulator and Motor (E36)

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Proper window function is an important part to the driving experience. It allows you to retrieve food through the drive through, enjoy the nice weather, or communicate your appreciation to the guy ...

BMW M3 Front Brake Service (E36)

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There are many priorities to the everyday driver. And among that list of priorities should be good, operational brakes....

How to Perform a Differential Service on an E36 BMW

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The differential is one of the more overlooked service items on a BMW. Most cars will go their entire lives without having their differential fluid changed. Let's face it - many only focus on what is ...

BMW E36 3-Series Euro Headlight Conversion Parts & DIY

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Let's face it, styling cues and equipment options have always been better on European spec cars, and design wise the equipment itself seems to be better. Many options on the Euro-spec E36 BMW M3 ...

BMW E36 Cooling System Maintenance

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Cooling system maintenance often goes undone. While BMW recommends a cooling system flush every 2-3 years, people generally will go 5+ years. The reason to you need to change your coolant every ...

BMW E36 Power Steering Reservoir & Hose Replacement

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If you've driven any BMW, whether it be from the recent past to present models, chances are you've suffered from a leaky power steering system. For the E36, the power steering reservoir hoses are the ...

BMW E36 A/C Condenser Replacement

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The A/C condenser is a very important part of an A/C system. It takes the pressurized hot gas, cools it, and brings it back to a liquid state. The liquid is then sent through the system to the ...

BMW E36 M3 Common Issues & Repairs

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If you own an E36 M3, chances are that you love it. Sometimes you may hate it; I mean really hate it - but when you get it back out on the road you forget you ever felt that way and the hate turns ...

BMW E36 Engine Mount Diagnosis & Replacement

Blog Feature

Abnormal vibrations while shifting and accelerating could be the sign of failing engine mounts. Failed engine mounts can result in much more than just vibrations - they often allow the engine to ...

When & How to Replace a BMW E36 3-Series Alternator

Blog Feature

Alternator failure is not a very common occurence. And even though BMW alternators are very reliable, they will not last forever. Fortunately, an alternator in an E36 is quite easy to replace....

The Basics of Engine Oil: Viscosity & Applications

Blog Feature

There's a lot to be said about motor oil - What is it made of? Synthetic or Conventional? What weight do I use? Whats the difference between different weights? The answers to most of these questions ...

Engine Coolant - A Harmless Leak?

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It may seem obvious that a coolant leak shouldn't go long without being diagnosed. The chance of over-heating, having to buy top-up coolant, and the spots on your driveway are just a few reasons. But ...

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