Tyler Damron

Tyler Damron is a golf professional by day, DIY’er by night, and a BMW CCA member. His 1996 BMW 328is stresses him out from time to time, but there is almost nothing on a car he hasn't worked on. Tyler comes from a background in cars with his family owning a collision center, with a history in motorsport.

Recent Posts

Catback Exhaust Install Tips on a BMW 328is (E36)

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There are many things one can do to a BMW 328is to give it better performance and better sound, and my favorite is installing a performance catback exhaust. The exhaust on your car is usually broken ...

How to Replace BMW Transmission Mounts (E36)

The transmission mount bushings on the E36 like the BMW 325i are rubber, and like most things rubber, they tend to wear. Rubber is used in cars to reduce vibrations, and after many years and many ...

How to do an Oil Change on a BMW 328i (E36)

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Having good, clean oil in your engine, in this case a BMW 328i, is one of the more important things you can do to ensure a long lasting engine. This is the most common starter DIY because there is ...

BMW Window Regulator Testing and Replacement (E36)

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The window regulator is the mechanism that actually moves the window up or down, with either a window crank or power window motor. Before assuming your regulator is bad on any car including the BMW ...

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