Uilleam Ross

Uilleam (Bill) Ross is a 60 year-old retired 30-year veteran of the IT industry and a 45-year car guy. Living in Western Head, Nova Scotia, he now indulges his passions for landscape photography and cars, principally Volvo’s and Land Rovers.

Recent Posts

ABS Sensor Failure Symptoms & Troubleshooting

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I've written before about the “old days” of the 70s and 80s when cars were becoming a bit more sophisticated but still pretty manual in most ways. Take brakes, for example. Back in the day, if you ...

Winter Beaters, My Nova Scotian Savior

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They sit in the driveway, looking forlorn, covered in snow. The days of getting an occasional wash and wax long gone. There are more than hints of rust now with a hole here and there. Some have that ...

My First Import Experience, a Renault Dauphine

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I was six years old and I still remember the day....

The Saab and BMW Crowds of the 70's

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I've mentioned in a couple of my other postings, that back when I was in high school, for those of us who just couldn't get ourselves into a Camaro, Firebird, AMX, or Mustang, the going rage was ...

How To Repair A Volvo Headlight Wiper Motor

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One of the more aggravating things about owning and maintaining an uber-mileage Volvo (my Volvo XC70 has 350K kms) or similar car is that there are some features that you come to appreciate, but when ...

The Cars I Wish I Had Never Had

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A little while back, I wrote a piece on the cars I wish I still had from the 46 or so that I have owned over the years, among them a Volvo 850R.  These were the cars that in looking back meant ...

The Good Old Days of Points, Condensers, and SU Fuel Pumps

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You just hate that feeling.  You're driving down a peaceful country road with hardly any traffic, enjoying the scenery with your favorite tunes emanating from 250 watts of surround sound perfection.  ...

Reusing and Recycling Car Parts

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Back in the near Stone Age when I was in high school and owned British cars, the junkyard was my and my buddies' local car parts store. As long as you didn't need an engine, gearbox, or rear axle, ...

Repair Your Volvo XC Steering Rack the Easy Way

Blog Feature

One of the interesting aspects of owning an older Volvo, Mercedes, or BMW, is that you can routinely exceed the expected lifespan of some parts that “normal” ownership never sees. In addition, if you ...

The Car I Wish I Kept

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You see them all the time.  They're there in the want ads, Autotrader, even the Barrett-Jackson auctions.  And sometimes, still in your dreams.  They're the cars of your past, the ones that you had ...

Have Auto Designers Ever Worked on Their Own Cars?

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You know the drill: All you have to do is grab the bulb with the two fingers of your left hand, twist your arm a certain way and reach into that dark tight space that you can't quite see into....

The Trick to Replace Your P2 Volvo Sway Bar Bushings (V70, XC70, S60, S80)

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If you have a phantom rattle in the front or rear of your P2 Volvo (V/XC70, S60, S80) that you can't pin down, it's possible that your sway bar bushings are on their way out. While most manufacturers ...

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