West Kenyon

West Kenyon is a Multi-Media Design Consultant and automotive enthusiast. Cars in his collection include a 1956 Austin FX3-D, better known as a London Taxi, a 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, and a 1975 450SL and 1981 240D by none other than Mercedes-Benz. West said, “owning one or a number of vintage cars is often an expensive proposition", which is why he does the majority of mechanical and interior work/restoration himself. West added, “not only does it save a significant amount of money to do the work yourself, it also provides full opportunity to know the job is being done with excellence and allows for an unprecedented appreciation and knowledge of the car.” For FCPEuro, West will focus on providing in-depth information on both the Mercedes-Benz R107, 450SL, D-Jetronic version and the W123, 240D. Glücklich Autofahren! (Happy Motoring)

Recent Posts

Mercedes Fuel Sender Replacement or Cleaning

Blog Feature

As the original components on our classics age, a repair or replacement will be par for the course until each system and component has been sorted out. Yes, some systems will continue to perform ...

Breathing New Life Into A 450SL

Blog Feature

It is a true honor to join the editorial team at FCP Euro from the Desert Southwest of the United States. Today we launch a series on the Mercedes-Benz, R107 chassis, covering topics such as what to ...

The Right Fuel and Octane for Classics

Blog Feature

For classic car owners there are certain topics that consume the internet in both the form of questions and answers. Topics such as “What fuel to use? What octane? What brand of oil? What weight of ...

Mercedes 450SL A/C Repair and Restoration

Blog Feature

PART 1 Now that we are officially into summer, at least in the northern hemisphere, there is no better time to talk about air conditioning. This week we will cover the A/C system in the 1975 Mercedes ...

Mercedes 450SL Emissions System

Blog Feature

For 1975, U.S. buyers were privileged to an all new feature—emissions! Yes, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, required that all cars be fitted with an emissions system to hep curb ...

Mercedes 450SL A-6 Compressor

Blog Feature

REFRIGERENT r12 or r134 In our second part of the Mercedes 450SL air conditioning restoration, we will focus on prepping the system for freon....

Mercedes-Benz 450SL Plugs, Wires, & Ignition

Blog Feature

I was recently asked if I would write an article on spark plugs and wires. Like tires, additives, cleaners, batteries, etc., we have so many choices and each with a claim to be the “best.” So just ...

Mercedes 450SL D-Jetronic

Blog Feature

As we progress on our journey through the 1975 Mercedes-Benz 450SL, it is important to look at the D-Jetronic or D-Jet fuel injection system....

Mercedes 450SL Power Steering

Blog Feature

The early Mercedes 450SL power steering system is very robust and quite simple. The other positive is, pumps, hoses, steering boxes etc., are all available should the need arise....

Mercedes W123 - 240D Vacuum Overview

Blog Feature

If you already own a Mercedes W123, 240D it will be no secret that vacuum is used everywhere. Despite the fact that this car, in my opinion, is one of the greatest cars ever built, both in a timeless ...

Mercedes Camshaft Oiler

Blog Feature

Part of Mercedes maintenance is to make sure your Mercedes camshaft oilers are not clogged. The two camshaft oilers are not at all complicated to clean and change out and if you are uncertain of when ...

Mercedes 450SL Alternator and Air Pump Replacement

Blog Feature

When it comes to working on your classic or any model year car for that matter, it will generally save you a significant amount of money. As I have mentioned in prior articles, it also gives you full ...

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