Video: Counting Down The Days - Customer Experience Center Expansion Episode 11

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Have you heard? We're expanding our facility to include a brand-new, 18,000 square-foot Customer Experience Center equipped with a full motorsports facility, content studio, 24-hour parts pickup and more. Just last week, most of the walls had only been framed. In this week's episode, we cover some of the back office logistics as to how our teams will operate inside the new facility along with the new retail and pickup center. 

The time is almost here; our new Customer Experience Center expansion is nearing completion. It has been a while since the last video, and since then, construction crews and the FCP Euro team have been full steam ahead on getting the expansion ready for our grand opening and cars & coffee.

FCP Euro Expansion Alex Distribution Center

As usual, we kick off the tour with Alex, this time back in the new distribution center. The racking started to fill up with inventory almost immediately after being signed off by the inspector, and currently, new automation systems are making their way into place with the DC team members soon to follow. In less than a week, this will be fully-functioning distribution space.

FCP Euro Expansion Motorsports Department

Just on the other side of the wall from the distribution center is the all-new motorsports and content space. Since the last time you caught a glimpse of it, quite a bit has changed. The most notable (and noticeable) is the addition of sleek cabinetry to store all of our new GearWrench tools and a two-post lift. This space will allow us to not only prep our various race cars for events, but it will enable us to photograph and film even higher-quality instructional content to assist in all of your DIY projects as well. 

FCP Euro Expansion Mezzanine

Venturing above the new DC, the mezzanine is almost all wrapped up. We recently had a company meeting up in this space, and everyone's favorite feature by far is the battleship'esque glass that allows you to look down on the motorsports and content space. Another addition up here since the last installment of this series is the A/V system. Now that this space fits so many people, a projector on a cart with computer speakers won't cut it; in-ceiling speakers and a massive projector will support company meetings and community events no matter how many attend. All that's left to finish up this space is to add the ceiling tiles and move furniture into its new home.

The closer we get to completion, the more we're itching to move in officially. Make sure to join us Sunday, May 19th to move into this new space with us at our grand opening and cars & coffee. Check out the video below for part eleven of Alex's walkthrough and make sure to subscribe for updates.




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