Video: Seeing The Motorsport Facility From The Parts Pickup Counter - Expansion Progress Ep 3

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Have you heard? We're expanding our facility to include a brand-new, 18,000 square-foot Customer Experience Center equipped with a full motorsports facility, content studio, 24-hour parts pickup and more. This week, we've torn down the walls, opening the Customer Experience Center up to the outside.

In episode three of our expansion updates, we start right out front with our new loading docks. With the business rapidly growing, having a dedicated inbound and outbound bay will mean no more musical chairs with the incoming trucks. This will allow us to get your packages out to you even faster than we can now! Although the process is just pouring more concrete, it's a big deal for us. Getting faster is always a priority of ours here—it doesn't matter if it's in the VW TCRs or in the outbound loading dock. 

Customer Experience Center Concrete Pour


While last week had a few walls coming up, this week, some are coming down. The front of the building was knocked down, opening it up to accept the new massive 22' all glass garage door. This door is one of our favorite features of the new facility since it'll allow a constant flow of traffic from outside the facility to the inside. Bringing our customers closer to the experience has been a goal of ours, and this massive door will help us do just that. I think everyone here is equally excited to literally "open our door" to the public at our numerous events throughout the year.  

Customer Experience Center Wall Tear Down


Another wall that came down was the wall between the new retail center and the motorsport space. While you're in our new retail center picking up all of those OE replacement parts you ordered, you can see all the action happening in our motorsport area happening right before your eyes. While we love giving out tours, they're not always possible since the space is used for cutting, grinding, and welding. If that happens to be the case, you won't miss out with your front row view of all the action behind the scenes. 

Customer Experience Center Retail Glass Wall

Expansion Render

Expansion Render


The expansion is progressing faster than anticipated. We'll be in the new space in no time, and you should be able to check it out during this years' first Cars and Coffee. If you're curious about the progression, you can head to episode 2. Check out the video below for part three of Alex's walk-through and make sure to subscribe for upcoming updates.




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