How To Install Sachs Front Quick Struts On A P2 Chassis Volvo

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Bouncy, rough, noisy, and uncertain. If any of these words describe the way your car drives, your struts might just be toast. Strut replacement can be a pretty involved job, and in some cases a dangerous one if you don't have the correct tools to safely compress coil springs. Sachs has recently developed Quick Struts, which makes strut replacement safe and shaves time off of a typical installation.

What sets a Quick Strut apart from an ordinary strut? Sachs Quick Struts are complete strut assemblies ready to go into your vehicle - there's no need to remove or compress springs, change spring seats, or install strut bearings. Install the Quick Strut as a completely new unit, and enjoy the benefits of new springs and struts while saving a ton of time.

Also, the Sachs Quick Strut is comprised of all OE components meaning that its made of of the same exact components that Volvo used when your car was built new at the factory. 

For demonstration purposes, we're using a 2004 Volvo S60, and because we won't sell you anything we wouldn't isntall on our own cars, the components are backed by our Lifetime Replacement Guarentee.

Learn How To Replace Your QuickStruts By Clicking The Video Below:

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