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We know European cars, while providing an incredible driving experience behind the wheel, have some pretty glaring negative stigmas associated with them. Some say they're expensive to own, expensive to repair, and impossible to work on yourself. None of these are true. 

At FCP Euro, we work very hard to debunk those stigmas with DIY videos, a complete product catalog, and a lifetime warranty on everything we sell to ensure you never have to buy it again. But sometimes, pure numbers speak louder than our actions ever could. This case study below, which examines a MK6 Volkswagen GTI front and rear brake job, compares what it'd cost to repair at the dealership including parts and labor, against purchasing the parts from our catalog and doing the repair yourself. 

Case Study Vehicle: VW MK6 GTI

Current Condition: 3.5 years old 39,000 miles

MK6-VW-Brakes-Versus-DealershipWhat The Standard Warranty Covers: The standard VW Powertrain, limited warranty that comes with new Volkswagen vehicles will cover new cars for three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty will cover repairs that vehicle undergoes if it is due to part defects or workmanship issues. The basic warranty also has a timeline to cover the powertrain as well as any type of corrosion perforation. 

What The Standard Warranty Doesn't Cover: Wear items, or commonly replaced components like brakes, wipers, fluids, etc.

-Paid warranty (essentially you submit a claim in hopes of a refund for perceived faulted components).

-Only honored with maintenance history (essentially provided you maintain your car through dealer networks, throughout your warranty time frame)

What The Repair Is: Front & Rear Brake Service

No matter what car you drive, you're going to need to service the brakes at some point in the vehicle's life cycle. Even though doing the brakes at 39,000 miles can be considered early on some cars, it's typically done within the first 50-60K miles, and the same interval thereafter (on average). For this MK6 GTI, the brake system is standard, and no specialty tools or electrical software is required to complete the repair. 

What The Dealer Parts List Cost - $787.15
Excluding VAT $787.15
Excluding Labor - (CT State Average Labor Hours $85.15/hr)
Estimated Labor Hrs. - 4 Labor Hours Est.


What Our Comprehensive Brake Kit Costs - $293.08
We pride ourselves on our kitting efforts, providing a one-click solution for anyone looking to complete a given job. For this particular brake job, we include everything from the rotors, to the pads, to the clips and bolts needed to refresh the entire system the right way. 
Priced complete at $293.08
You might be thinking, with the decrease in price, that the components are actually inferior to what comes from the dealership. In fact, all the parts included with out kit are original OE from Zimmermann and Textar, meaning they're the same company that actually make the genuine components for VW at the dealership. Same parts, way less markup. 


Our value propositions don't just end with a better price and less clicks. We actually show the end user how to install the parts on their vehicle with helpful, easy-to-follow DIY videos. 
Front Video
Rear Video

Savings between genuine components and FCP Euro: $494.07
Savings on labor hours: $340.60
Additional fees going with a dealer (VAT, Supplies): ~$100.00

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Written by :
Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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