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If you're leaving your car unattended for any length of time, it's always a good idea to ensure your battery is properly maintained.  Rather than disconnecting the battery or removing it from the vehicle entirely, a trickle charger or battery tender can maintain your voltage, monitor it, and keep it topped off.

The CTEK charger is a popular example, is extremely easy to use, and includes everything needed to properly charge or maintain batteries. The package includes eyelet connectors (M6) as well as clamps. The eyelet connectors give you the the flexibility of having a semi-permanent installation in vehicles that are used infrequently (this is actually the connector we use on our Mercedes race car). When you are ready again to use the vehicle, simply disconnect the unit at the comfort connector and store it in the black pouch supplied with each kit.


If you've ever walked out to a dead battery, the CTEK charger can also be used to recondition batteries that need a recharge.  The process is fairly simple and is the safest way to recharge flat batteries intended for automotive use. After connecting the battery, use the mode selector to choose the reconditioning program and the charger will add an additional step to the normal charging program where voltage is increased to create controlled gassing in the battery. Heavily discharged batteries will typically have an uneven distribution of acid and the acid tends to concentrate at the bottom of the battery. This leads to poor performance, starting issues and a lower CCA (cold cranks amps). The controlled gassing helps to  mix the battery electrolyte to more evenly distribute the acid in the battery. 


A 12 volt automotive battery will normally indicate voltage between 12.4 and 12.6 volts representing between 75%-100% charge. Any battery below those values should be fully recharged using an intelligent battery charger such as those offered by CTEK to restore performance.  Using the vehicles alternator/charging system to recharge a severely discharged battery could lead to premature alternator failure and shorten battery life.


The advantages of CTEK battery chargers:

  • Fully automatic intelligent charging system (doesn't overcharge your battery)
  • Supports various battery types and sizes (Ca/Ca, MF, Gel and AGM)
  • Compatible with CTEK Battery sense bluetooth monitoring
  • Various charging programs including small battery, normal battery, and cold weather

Ideal for:

  • Vehicles that are not driven year round, especially newer European vehicles
  • Reconditioning dead batteries
  • Perfect gift for car enthusiasts

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Written by :
Kyle Bascombe

Kyle is the Mercedes Catalog Manager at FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2014.

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