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Just like that, another year has passed, and the holiday season has arrived. As the weather cools down, the sales are starting to heat up, and we’re bringing you our best one yet! This year we have gifts on sale for everyone, whether a long-time enthusiast, a brand-new collector or a parent looking to save some cash with DIYs. Check out our FCP Euro Gift Guide to bring home some surefire winners for the holidays this season. 


Gifts For The Detail-Oriented

Oh, the detail-oriented. While they love their cars for how they sound and feel, keeping them showroom clean really gets them going. Car care products have come a long way since the origins of tire shine and carnauba wax, with industry leaders like Gyeon and Griots leading the charge. Here are some of their most popular products ready to take your car care game above and beyond.

Gyeon Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner Kit (500ml)

Whether they’re semi-metallic Hawk HPS or TRW Ceramics, your brake pads will leave dusty residue on your wheels. However, those semi-metallics on a performance vehicle leave extra-harmful iron dust on the spokes, which bed in and rust, ruining your wheel finish. Gyeon specially formulated its Iron Wheel Cleaner to neutralize the harmful iron deposits and remove them from the wheel surface for a sparkling finish. Also included in the kit is Gyeon’s wheel brush, ideal for agitating the toughest dust.

Gyeon Q2M Iron Wheel Cleaner


Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner Kit (500ml)

Like the wheels, brake dust can dirty your tires, too. Those same dust deposits will turn the shiny black sidewalls into a brownish, dirty mess. Even on a dirty vehicle, a clean wheel and tire package completely changes the car's look, and no wash is complete without it. The Gyeon Tire Cleaner formula digs deep into the rubber, infiltrating its pores to loosen and remove all contaminants easily. Picking up this tire-cleaning kit will also give you a tire brush to help scrub out every imperfection. The price for perfection is regularly very high, but not with the Gyeon Q²M Tire Cleaner Kit.

Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner


Gyeon Q²M Clay Bar Kit

We can wash a car with soap and water for days, but dirt particles will still exist on the paint surface. Paint is porous, and dirt embeds itself inside the paint finish. While you can’t always see it, you’ll feel it in the inability to drag your hand across the paint smoothly. Luckily, all you need to fix that is a good clay bar and some quick detailer. Gyeon offers both of those in their Q²M Clay Bar Kit for an effective and safe treatment for all types of paint finish. Simply spray on the “Clay Lube” and work the clay over the pain surface to pull out the contaminants. In the end, you’ll have slick paint and a clean at the microscopic level. 

Gyeon Q2M Clay Bar Kit


Gyeon Q² Pure EVO Ceramic Coating (50ml)

Applying wax to paint as a protectant and sealant is still very popular but has lost some of its territory to ceramic coating. The more modern process involves spreading a silica-based layer across the paint surface instead of wax. Results are similar, with a deep shine and intense water beading, but the ceramic coating is far more durable. The Gyeon formula contains the maximum possible amount of silicates for an incredibly durable finish lasting up to 36 months! Stop the waxing fuss and grab a more effective, longer-lasting product today. 

Gyeon Ceramic Coat


Gyeon Q²M LeatherSet Mild

While we all focus on cleaning and protecting our paint, leather upholstery needs similar work. Too often, you’ll see stained leather from blue jeans, messy kids, and years of regular use, leaving an interior slightly sad. Fortunately, all it takes is the Gyeon Q²M LeatherSet Mild to rid yourself of that dirty leather and protect it for future use. The kit includes a leather cleaner, a leather sealant, a cleaning brush, and a microfiber towel. First, the LeatherCleaner will remove oils and dirt to prep the leather for its protective sealant. The LeatherCoat then gives the leather a hydrophobic skin that repels all liquids and oils for a long-lasting clean finish. In just a few minutes, your leather will look new for years to come. 

Gyeon Leather Cleaner Kit


Griot's Garage G9 Random Orbital Polisher 

Getting into the detailing side of the car care hobby can be very exciting. As enthusiasts, we love improving our cars in any way we can, and polishing up the paint for a scratch-free shine is something many of us dream about. Professional-grade tools are still quite expensive, but Griot’s G9 Random Orbital Polisher does the job just as well at a genuinely affordable price point. Pair the polisher with any of Griot’s polishes and waxes for everything you or a loved one would need to clean and protect their vehicle.

Griots G9 Polisher 


Gifts For The Daily Driver

We love our cars for their quirks and features that make them special to us, but they can’t always be treated the best. Our daily drivers need to survive the tough stuff, from cratered freeways and corrosive salt to other drivers around you waiting to do something stupid. Those factors are terrible for any car, so here are a few items to make the daily grind a bit sweeter. Whether cosmetic or digital, these gifts will assuredly improve a daily driver.

Autel MaxiAP OBDII Scanner

With daily driving comes lots of hard miles, long trips, and occasional missed services. As such, our road warriors can be subject to more frequent error messages from the car’s computer. The MaxiAP scanner from Autel is the perfect pairing for any daily driver, thanks to its incredibly compact size and affordability. Specifically, the MaxiAP is a small BlueTooth-enabled device that connects to your smartphone and allows you to perform every scan and service-related task without the bulky, professional-grade tools. Reset engine lights while recording live data, retract the electric parking brake for service, and flash your tire pressure monitoring system over to the winter wheelset, all from your phone. 



CTEK CTX Battery Sense Module

The CTEK CTX Battery Sense Module is perfect for any vehicle you have, whether daily or weekend, land or water. The Battery Sense Module won’t charge your battery, but it will give you a live look at how much charge each one of them has. Simply connect your CTX to each battery you have, and you’ll get a live charge reading on your phone 24/7, all year round. Never be left with a surprise dead battery again; the CTX is here to help. 

CTEK Battery Sense


LIQUI MOLY Oil Travel Case

If you’re anything like myself, all of your cars could use a splash of oil now and then. Oil leaks are annoying, but life and money get in the way of the ability to fix issues immediately, so we have to work with what we have. In that case, pun intended, you’ll need to carry some oil around. Picking up the Oil Travel Case from LIQUI MOLY ensures that the quart you carry won’t move around your trunk and leak onto its contents, thanks to a leak-proof seal and velcro backing to hold it in place.  

LIQUI MOLY Oil Carrying Case


BMW Floating Center Cap Set

What’s the best part of owning a BMW as a younger adult? If evidence has shown anything, it’s touting the luxury prowess by covering it in cheap aftermarket badges. No? If that doesn’t sound like you, but you’d actually like to add a bit of class to your Bavarian beauty, then try this set of Genuine floating center caps. As you drive along, everyone will see the roundel as it sits right-side-up in the center cap, thanks to its floating nature. Think spinners, but for the center cap. The colored roundel on the wheel center cap is a subtle modification but one sure to make you smile every time you look back at the car after parking it. The little things in life make everyday living its best, so why not some new center caps?

Genuine BMW Floating Center Caps


Genuine VW Dynamic Center Cap Set 

Like BMW, Volkswagen also offers a center cap whose design will stay independent of wheel movement. This is an easy and tasteful way of adding unique flair to the wheels of any of your VWs. 

VW Dynamic Center Caps

Gifts For The Tool Collector

Servicing your vehicle is an engaging experience and a great way to save money. Many non-driveline-related jobs are simple enough that repairs can be made in a driveway, assuming the right tools are available. Support your favorite DIYer with the tools below and enjoy the extra time you’ll have with them after they finish their work quicker than ever before. 

Astro Pneumatic 1510 Lumen Rechargeable LED Underhood Light 

Whether we like it or not, some 3-hour jobs take about triple that time. Corrosive road salt is the bane of many a DIY’er and the main culprit of extended job lengths, pushing us to work on our backs in the pitch black to make it to work the next day. There isn’t much we can do to improve that situation, but seeing every corroded nut and bolt certainly helps. AT 1500+ lumens, this light from Astro Pneumatic will light up entire engine bays or undercarriages with genuine ease. The light itself is variable in length and output, letting you adapt to the situation, while the up-to 6hr battery life should support you through the longest nights.

1510 Lumen Astro Pneumatic Light 


CTA 15-Piece Strut and Shock Absorber Tool Kit 

Beyond brake jobs and oil changes, strut and shock absorber replacements and coilover installs are some of the most common and straightforward repairs you can make. Simple hand tools are all you’ll need, but having a set of slightly specialist tools is what you’ll want. The slotted sockets and pass-through ratchet are exactly what you need to tighten the strut-top nut and counter-hold the strut. Without it, you’ll need a way to prevent the damper’s shaft from spinning without marring its surface. Save the headache and the potentially broken parts with the right tools for the job. 


OTC 3 Ton Jack Stand Set 

If there’s anything a DIY’er should have on hand during a job, it’s a set of jack stands. Their importance cannot be understated as they are the safest way to support a vehicle that you’re working under. Supporting the car with the jack alone leaves it unstable and a genuine hazard. We all like to save money by doing things ourselves, but a pair of jack stands are much cheaper, monetarily and emotionally than a trip to the hospital.  

OTC 3-Ton Jack Stand Kit


Astro Pneumatic 18 Piece Brake Caliper Retractor Tool Kit 

There are many great ways to ease your way into working on cars, but perhaps none are better than a brake job. Within the sub-hour task are specific torque values, multiple tool variations, and a relatively straightforward system that is easy to understand. Along the way, you may encounter the screw-type retractable parking brake mechanism that requires a unique tool. This tool kit is designed to handle any and every screw-type mechanism you’ll find on a European vehicle, so you’ll never have a half-completed brake job again. 

18-piece Brake Piston Retractor


CTA Auto Transmission Fluid Filling System Tank 

An unintended consequence of America’s fascination with the automatic transmission is that some of the coolest performance cars in the world weren’t given a manual transmission in the US (looking at you, D2 Audi S8). That leaves us with no choice but to roll with them and care for them when they inevitably need servicing. Replacing the ATF and filter can breathe new life into a slipping transmission, and this fluid-filling system is the perfect tool for the job. It uses a hand pump to force every last drop of fresh ATF into the transmission, so you don’t struggle to do it manually from under the car. Just fill the reservoir with the desired amount of ATF, insert the tube into the fill hole, and pump away. 

CTA Automatic Filler Pump


Astro Pneumatic 21" TPMS Digital Tire Pressure Inflator 

Adapt your air compressor to fill your tire with precision with this TPMS Digital Tire Pressure Inflator. Powered by batteries, the inflator features an LCD screen and a two-position trigger to fill your tires within 0.1psi accurately. Take the guesswork out of filling your tires with the digital tire inflator. 

Astro Pneumatic Digital Tire Gauge


Gifts Everyone Would Love

Though there are many different subsets within the automotive enthusiast community, there are a multitude of things we all enjoy and benefit from. From handy tools to essential accessories, these are fit for everyone. 

Genuine BMW Collapsible Box

Big trunks are great for storage, but not necessarily when you have smaller, delicate items. While BMW branded, this collapsable box will work in every trunk to keep those items safe. Being black, it’ll blend right in, and the velcro pads will keep it stuck in place. Don’t overthink it. It's an easy winner. 



Genuine Mercedes Collapsible Shopping Crate

Maybe you’re looking for something more heavy-duty than the fabric BMW crate. In that case, this Mercedes shopping crate is the gift for you. Made of plastic, it’s very much like a milk crate you’d see full of old vinyl records. Measuring 2x13x18”, it’ll hold a few quarts of oil, a roll of shop towels, and a first aid kit with ease. Then, it’ll fold flat and out of the way when empty. 

Mercedes Storage Crate


Astro Pneumatic 400 Lumen Rechargeable Handheld Light

A flashlight is a glovebox essential. It doesn’t matter if you’ve dropped your phone between the seats, has a flat tire in the dark, or need to see while walking your dog; the glovebox flashlight is always reliable. In this case, it’s a 400-lumen, double LED array that dishes out a massive amount of light for its size. With a 4hr minimum battery life, it’ll be reliable, too. It’s even great for working under the hood, as the magnetic swivel base allows it to mount anywhere magnetic. 


Gyeon Q² QuickView (120ml)

Being low on washer fluid is a universal experience. We’ve all gotten into a situation with too dirty a windshield and nothing to clean it with, and there’s more we can do to help ourselves out. Applying Gyeon’s Q² QuickView to a freshly cleaned windshield blankets it in a hydrophobic coating for near-instantaneous water repellence. Dust and dirt also struggle to stick as they find nowhere to dig into the glass. One bottle can protect up to four vehicles, so this is a gift for everyone. Ensure your ability to see in all conditions with the Gyeon Q² QuickView.

Gyeon Q2 Quick View



Gifts For The Track Rat

Unlike other factions, the track rat is constantly wrenching. Every event needs prep and disassembly, and improvements are a constant driver of tweaks and changes. The thrill of speed is intoxicating, and we’ll go to great lengths to achieve it. Support your favorite rat; they’ll appreciate it. 

CTA European Tool Set (69 Piece)  

Any aspiring track rat will need a travel tool set to be safe and fast. This 69-piece European tool set from CTA Tools makes that acquisition as simple as it gets. The sockets and a heavy-duty ratchet are the perfect starting point and a fantastic holiday gift. 

69 Piece Tool Kit

CTA Thin Wall Lug Nut Socket Set

Your car and parts can take a beating at the track, so why would you want to make it any worse? The thin-walled lug nut socket is designed to fit into any wheel and remove the nut or bolt without damaging the wheel around it. They’re deep enough to reach past long studs, too. Pair this with a torque wrench and the toolset above for the ultimate beginner tool set.

CTA Thin Walled Lug Sockets


Motive Products European Brake Power Bleeder

No one likes spongey brakes. They feel weird and cripple your stopping power. Unfortunately, that can be caused by the extreme heat that a braking system might see at a track day event. When that’s the case, you’ll want to flush the worn fluid out as soon as possible. This power bleeder is a one-person system, allowing you to change fluid right there at the track. 

Motive Power Bleeder


CTA Extraction/Filling Syringe Pump (1500cc) 

But it isn’t just the brakes that carry a fluid that can get damaged thanks to heat. Every fluid in your car, whether power steering, clutch, or engine oil, can and will deteriorate if pushed beyond its thermal limits. Now, that’s a potential problem only made worse by having to swap the fluids. Clutch and power steering systems don’t feature drains, so you’ll need the assistance of a pump like this one here. CTA Manufacturing rates the pump to hold all types of automotive fluids and is completely disassemblable for cleaning. Save the shop towels and brake clean, and pick up the pump.

CTA Syringe Pump


Sparco R 383 Steering Wheel

The best thing a driver can work on to improve lap times is to work on themselves as a driver. However, a few things will assist in a big way, like a suede-wrapped steering wheel. The Sparco R 383 is a 330mm wheel, far smaller than anything your car came with. Its coating makes it far easier to grip with less pressure, while the smaller size reduces the angle needed to steer the vehicle. Installing the wheel will delete the airbag system, so ensure that it’s the right choice for your application.  


CTEK MXS 5.0 New Test & Charge Battery Charger 

For the money, you’re not likely to find a better battery charger. The MXS 5.0 features an 8-step charging sequence and a unique reconditioning mode with built-in temp sensing capabilities for the ultimate battery charging setup. AGM and EFB batteries are also supported by the sealed unit, which will reach up to 160AH of charging depending on battery size. You’ll no longer have to hope your old battery charger keeps your classic’s battery alive throughout the winter; upgrade to the MXS 5.0.



Gifts Under $50

Too often, we get wrapped up in a gift’s price tag rather than what it might mean to someone. Luxury and flash are cool, but usefulness is far more valuable to many. Here are some of the most cost-effective gifts we offer. From slightly specialty to very basic, these are all winners. 

European No Spill Oil Funnel Kit

Obsessing over a clean engine bay and a properly serviced vehicle is always warranted. Both are great ways to prolong the condition of your car, and this no-spill oil funnel kit supports both. The funnel portion can hold up to 2L of oil, while the bayonet-style adapter will fit into nearly every modern European application. Oil changes will be quicker and cleaner than ever. Pick yours up today. 

Euro No Spill Funnel



Digital Tire Depth Gauge

Your tires are the only component of your car to contact the road. Their health directly correlates to your vehicle’s handling and stopping performance, making them critical for safety. After thousands of miles, your tires will be worn down and ready for replacement. Using the digital tire depth gauge takes the guesswork out of deciding when a replacement will be necessary and allows you to keep track. Simply place the gauge against the tire, and it’ll read off the remaining depth, alerting you to just how many miles you’ll have left. 

Digital Tire Depth Gauge


Flexible Hose Clamp Nut Driver Set (4-Piece)

Working with hose clamps can be a pain. Loosening and tightening take fiddling with a screwdriver or ratchet, while neither actually feels like the right tool for the job. The flexible nut drivers combine the socket and screwdriver to deliver exactly what you need. It makes the job quick and easy, allowing you to worry about other portions of the repair. We use them often in our DIYs and can’t say enough good things about them. 



AutoLink AL329 OBDII Scanner

Every modern car, post-1996, uses the OBD-II diagnostic system. An internal computer monitors nearly every system within the vehicle and alerts the driver of a fault through a check engine light. This AutoLink AL329 scanner is just what you need to read those faults and fix your vehicle. The handheld scanner can easily read and clear codes while also providing freeze-frame data of your vehicle's running conditions. That data can then be used to help you determine exactly what the fault may be.


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