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BMW Owners!

We've got an ad in every issue of Roundel BMW magazine this year... have you seen it?  If so, be sure to post a photo of the ad and tag #fcpeuro online!  We'd love to see some photos of your copy, alongside your car.

Dyno Testing the C300

We sent our C300 to the dyno to get some actual numbers to compare performance against before we start doing too much performance enhancements.  The first race was a testing ground for the mostly-stock platform (less suspension and brakes), now we're looking at increasing the power output to both push us even further this season, and increase our catalog in comprehensive W204 chassis knowledge and offering.

Another Giveaway in the Books!

Below is a photo of our Pentosin giveaway winner's car, a 2008 VW Rabbit.  Keep an eye out... there will be another giveaway coming up soon!

We want to see what you like!  What's your favorite Euro car related video or photo?  Share with us your favorite exhaust notes, car photography, and other media.  Tag @fcpeuro on Instagram or Twitter, or comment #fcpeuro on any media you think we'd enjoy.

New DIY Video Added

We're getting some more videos live on our YouTube channel.  Here are a couple Mercedes for you to check out. We've got another eight videos coming soon!





Have some video content you'd like to see?  Leave a comment below!

Up to 41% Off Clearance Items!

We've updated our clearance items yet again to get you the best deal on the brands you love.  Plus, every clearance item is still covered by our industry leading Lifetime Replacement Promise. Click the image to check it out!

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Written by :
Michael Hurczyn

My Avatar picture was taken in 1980, and I've been playing with BMW's ever since. BMW CCA Driving Instructor since 2001. Track Rat, Club Racer, general tinkerer, and Brand Director at FCP Euro. Driver of the FCP Euro sponsored #710 e30 and #720 C300 in AER.

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