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Continuous Improvement is one of FCP Euro’s core values, and it is one of the qualities that each employee works to embody every day, from the front office to the heart of the distribution center. As individuals and as an organization, we all can learn, grow, and succeed through the process of continuous improvement.

While it would be easy to assume that a partner being on this list would somehow suggest that they were previously offering subpar service and performance, that is absolutely not the case. Simply stated, there is always room to improve, optimizations to tweak, and inefficiencies to correct. Staying hungry, learning, and growing, and always striving to be better is a massive component of FCP Euro’s award for continuous improvement.


With that in mind, we are honored to present CTA Manufacturing with the FCP Euro award for continuous improvement in 2020.

CTA Manufacturing has long been a valued partner of FCP Euro and has won awards in both 2018 and 2019 FCP Euro Partner Appreciation events. CTA Manufacturing is a provider of an extensive range of specialty tools and other crucial products for the at-home DIY enthusiast. Working directly with FCP Euro’s catalog team, CTA Manufacturing adapted new products and integrated our feedback into the research and development process.

CTA Manufacturing’s ability and eagerness to work side by side with our teams and help support the FCP Euro mission is just one of the many ways they stand out as an exemplary partner. The result is an ever-growing range of improving products designed to provide FCP Euro customers with the cost-effective tools necessary to tackle their at-home repairs.


Of course, many other valued partners demonstrated continuous improvement in 2020. Corteco, our 2019 Partner of the Year and a leader in their field of filtration, sealing, and vibration control products, was challenged with a range of COVID-related logistical and supply-chain issues. The team at Corteco worked diligently to work around these challenges and overcome them, ultimately earning a valuable place on our list of partners in 2020.

Bosch needs no introduction for any avid at-home DIYer. As a supplier of major components on so many of the European makes, Bosch’s product range is unmatched by many. By working with our Fulfillment Team and providing a more direct line for these crucial parts, with more competitive pricing and better availability, Bosch has been making the necessary changes to become an even stronger FCP Euro partner in the years to come.

Arnott Industries is another valued partner that showed continuous improvement in 2020. As a supplier of air struts for so many European makes, FCP Euro sends Arnott Industries a large number of core suspension parts on a near-constant basis. Our valued Reverse Logistics Team does an amazing job managing the returns, cores, and parts replaced under the FCP Euro Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. They rely on vendors like Arnott Industries to process any returns or cores sent to them quickly and efficiently and have done a commendable job of processing our returns accurately and promptly. While returns and reverse logistics may not be as sexy or exciting as when you take those fresh new parts out of the box for the first time, it’s one of the backbones of FCP Euro’s business.

The final partner to be honored for continuous improvement in 2020 is Revshift. As a manufacturer of a wide range of performance products for BMW, Revshift has been open and eager to collaborate with our Product and Fulfillment teams. The team at Revshift is always available and willing to assist with any question, helping us, and ultimately our customers, receive the highest quality parts that provide improved performance for their BMWs.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the partners that offered outstanding marketing support in 2020.

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Written by :
Nathan Brown

FCP Euro's Event Director by day, writer and contributor by night, and wanna-be race car driver on the weekends. Nathan has been working in the VW and Audi performance aftermarket for nearly two decades, and dabbled with Porsche and BMW. He also used to write under the pen-name of Alex Rogan for magazines like Eurotuner, Performance VW, Total 911, and European Car. He has a Cornflower Blue Rabbit Edition GTI daily driver which is surprisingly still mostly stock, and a Mk5 GTI track car which is mostly not. ••• Instagram: @njbrown55

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