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When it came time to sit down and run through the many great partners that FCP Euro has had the privilege of working with every day throughout 2020, it was a daunting task. Team members from across all of FCP Euro's departments picked their nominees, made passionate arguments, and provided valuable context about the many ways that various partners positively impact FCP Euro. It's humbling and illuminating to consider that without that fabulous support from so many partners, FCP Euro cannot succeed and service our customers.


With that in mind, it became clear that in 2020 we had one partner in particular that stepped up and literally touched every package and customer that FCP Euro is privileged to serve, and that was FedEx. FedEx has been an invaluable partner to the FCP Euro organization and has stepped up to help FCP Euro keep our promises to our customers in getting them parts quickly, safely, and reliably.

Despite a massive shift towards online ordering, overloading logistics systems, and stretching distribution networks to their limits, FedEx has continually provided exemplary service and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence throughout the year. FedEx has taken an active role in understanding FCP Euro's business and mission and worked tirelessly to support it. This isn't relegated to one area; FedEx has continually looked to improve the working relationship and experience for our customers and the team at FCP Euro.

The embodiment of qualities recognized in other categories of the FCP Euro Partner Appreciation Week, such as continuous improvement, are a key component of earning the recognition of Partner of the Year. FedEx has shown a dedication to growing its service, understanding problems, and finding solutions, all to complement and support the ever-increasing number of packages leaving the FCP Euro facility at 155 Hill Street.


Like so many other partners that recognized this week, it's so often the people at these organizations that truly make the difference. From the account managers and representatives handling larger aspects of the account to the drivers who endlessly shuffle trucks and trailers to and from FCP Euro every day, and everyone in between, it's the people working with the teams here at FCP Euro that have earned this recognition.

Ultimately, FedEx has kept us going in what was a tough year for so many, transporting thousands of packages a day and making sure FCP Euro's customers get that blue-tape box on their doorstep when they need it. Great communication, pivots, problem-solving, continuous improvement, and breakout growth are all part of the FedEx conversation, and it's for those reasons and more that FCP Euro is honored to present FedEx as the 2020 FCP Euro Partner of the Year.


Naturally, many other partners were in the running and are also due recognition. LIQUI MOLY, ZF Aftermarket, ElringKlinger, CRP Automotive, and Turn 14 were all under strong consideration and equally deserving. It's also worth mentioning that in each of these instances, individual representatives from these valued partners were called out time after time, citing the positive impact that they have on FCP Euro and our customers every day.

FCP Euro is thankful for every vendor and partner that has made a positive impact on the collective successes of all in 2020, and we hope to enjoy an even more successful and prosperous 2021 with each and every one of them.

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Written by :
Nathan Brown

FCP Euro's Event Director by day, writer and contributor by night, and wanna-be race car driver on the weekends. Nathan has been working in the VW and Audi performance aftermarket for nearly two decades, and dabbled with Porsche and BMW. He also used to write under the pen-name of Alex Rogan for magazines like Eurotuner, Performance VW, Total 911, and European Car. He has a Cornflower Blue Rabbit Edition GTI daily driver which is surprisingly still mostly stock, and a Mk5 GTI track car which is mostly not. ••• Instagram: @njbrown55

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