Thank You For Being A Part Of The FCP Euro Customer Experience Center Grand Opening

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Today was a day of milestones for everyone here at FCP Euro. Not only was the turnout at today's Cars and Coffee the largest we've ever had by nearly two-fold, but today also marked the long-awaited grand opening of our Customer Experience Center. What made it incredibly special was that we were able to share this day with our friends, family, and most importantly, our amazing customers, who made all of this happen. 

Although "Euro" is in our name, the lot was filled with everything from the anticipated European cars to Japanese imports, to motorcycles, and even half-ton military trucks. So many people came out that we had to expand our parking onto our grass for the first time ever (and I don't foresee it being any different for our future events).

Check out the recap and photo album below!



See more on the FCP Euro FCP Euro Motorsports Instagram!


If you missed out on today's Cars and Coffee, you're in luck as we have another at the end of next month. You can learn more about that on our new page. And if you have any photos or video from today's event, or questions about our facility, team, or cars, feel free to leave them in the comments below. We hope to see you at one of our many events at our new facility!