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This Fourth of July, you should only be worried about not burning those burgers and not the maintenance/repairs you’ve put off on your European car. Instead of hanging onto that automotive anxiety through the holiday, shop FCP Euro’s Wrench, White, and Blue Sale! It’s one of our biggest events of the year, and we’ve rolled out the red (white and blue) carpet for many of our most exclusive brands. 

Typically, even during our sales, we can’t break MAP (minimum advertised price) that each individual manufacturer sets. If you’ve ever wondered why some of your favorite brands aren’t discounted, there’s a good chance that is why. However, during our Wrench, White, & Blue Sale, we’ve pulled out all the stops, getting you the best prices on some of your (and our) favorite brands. Take advantage of this rare opportunity that will only be here through Thursday, July 6th!

Gyeon Design

While the sun is shining, so should your car. Keeping a car clean isn’t just visually appealing at the moment; it also protects your car's long-term value. Paint condition, brake dust accumulation, and upholstery stains are all points buyers and dealerships will use against you in any negotiation—not to mention something your father-in-law will lecture you about. Luckily, grabbing a handful of Gyeon Design’s wonderful products will surely fix that. 


Take a quick search through Gyeon’s expansive offering on fcpeuro.com, and you’ll quickly realize there’s a product for every situation you might have. The tire and wheel cleaning kit and the leather cleaner and coating kit are two of your best options for places with the largest accumulation of contaminants in and on your vehicle. The Q² Pure and Q² One ceramic coating kits provide the ultimate DIY paint protection for the more advanced detailers. Shop those products and everything else Gyeon has to offer right on our site.



European luxury gets a lot of attention for how expensive maintenance and ownership costs are. In many cases, DIY work solves most of the monetary issues; however, air suspension remains an exception. In almost every case dating back the last two decades, air struts are significantly more expensive than coil-sprung units, and their overall reliability is shakier. They can last a while, but it’s usually sudden and without warning when they go. Replacement procedures don’t require rocket science but can require a rocket-science-worthy budget thanks to Genuine products.


That is unless you choose the products offered by Arnott. A long-time air suspension innovator in the aftermarket, Arnott is a go-to for many enthusiasts looking to solve their air suspension woes. Their products come in two distinct categories designed to help you: replacement air struts and coil-spring conversion kits. The former will be more available than the former, but no matter which you choose, you’ll be getting quality parts on par with Genuine offerings at a rare discount.



When shopping for suspension upgrades, it never seems to matter which manufacturer built your car. Bilstein is a leader in suspension development, and their unmatched engineering team has designed improved dampers and coilover systems for just about every European make and model in existence. Their OE components are built to the highest standards, and those baseline figures gained as the OE supplier makes their more aggressive dampers so well-tuned to their respective chassis. 


For many of Bilstein’s supported models, the goto damper upgrades are from either the B6 or B8 family. Both use stiffer valving designed for shorter and stiffer aftermarket springs, but their specific aggressiveness differs. The B6 is a sportier road-going damper, whereas the B8 is more suited to performance than on-road comfort. Beyond those are the B12 damper kits that come paired with aftermarket springs and the B14/B16 coilover systems that can retain the OE electronic damper control functions. You can be certain you’re getting a well-developed and respected product, whichever line you choose. 




Suspension improvement doesn’t just come from a set of dampers and springs. Maintaining your camber, caster, and toe through the corners is critically important, and the soft rubber bushings used by many manufacturers might not be cutting it. Replacing the bushings is the only fix, and a set from Powerflex may be just what you’re looking for. Powerflex’s polyurethane bushings are a great choice for a performance-oriented upgrade. No matter which bushings you decide on, the decreased deflection under hard cornering will ensure your vehicle feels more stable and precise through the twisty stuff. Having that predictability builds confidence and will ultimately lead to improved lap times around the track. 

Powerflex’s poly bushings are available in two durometers: street and race. The former is stiffer than most OE rubber bushes but retains some softness to not rattle the fillings out of your teeth while on the everyday pavement. The latter forgoes road manners for maximum performance. Both have their merits, and with this Wrench, White, and Blue Sale, you can now grab them at a rare discount.



There are many things the Swedes do well, and going fast is one of them. Their commitment to quality and innovative engineering has made their products the favorites of many, and Do88 is a prime example of that. Their intake, cooling, and turbocharger components aren’t the most popular here in the States, but the quality speaks for itself—we use a Do88 intercooler on our Golde Era 190E build, which has performed flawlessly. 

FCP Euro Golden Eras Do88 Intercooler

D088 offers Porsche, Volvo, Saab, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen products. They’re best known for offering upgraded intercoolers and radiators, typically exclusively offering full aluminum constructions. That metallic makeup improves thermal properties, allowing the intake charge air and engine coolant to stay colder for longer. For a complete upgrade package, you can pair your intercooler or radiator with a set of Do88 silicone hoses. However, once you do drop in some fresh Do88 upgrades, be sure to get your engine computer retuned to take advantage of the upgrades. Failing to do so can actually make your vehicle run worse. 



Bosch has been a leader in the automotive space for nearly a century. Their products are the OE choice for Euro, American, and Asian manufacturers, from the cheapest hatchbacks to the fastest hypercars in the world. For your family hauler or daily driver, their spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors, and high-pressure fuel pumps will likely be the parts you’ll need, and we have them all in stock and ready to ship! 

FCP Euro Porsche 996 Bosch Starter

However, while all of the above products are finally breaking their minimum advertised price, or MAP, Bosch isn't. Their products are almost always subject to coupon usage and sale pricing. But we figured we'd toss out a reminder, anyway, as offerings are plentiful for all different areas of your vehicle. Combined with the deals above, this Fourth of July will be filled with savings. 

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