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FCP Euro Service Kits

FCP Euro Service Kits

We're here in our new studio with Gareth Foley to walk you through all the steps needed to replace the front brake pads, as well as  rotors and pad wear sensors, on a 2010 BMW 328i xDrive.

BMW Brake Kit Front and Rear - 34116855006KIT

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About the Author
Gareth runs the BMW catalog at FCP Euro, he can be reached at gareth@fcpeuro.com

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Written by :
Gareth Foley

Gareth is the BMW Make Level Marketer for FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2012. Gareth's BMW obsession started with a hand me down E39 528i when he was 17. From this car he learned how to do his own repair work while also learning more about BMW. When Gareth was at CCSU studying Marketing he had the opportunity to go to SEMA with the college car club. This is where he developed his love of the automotive industry. Since joining FCP in 2012 Gareth has sought out to develop one of the broadest and most accurate BMW replacement parts catalog. he can be reached at gareth1@fcpeuro.com

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