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As much as the GRM crew wanted to keep this E30 mostly stock inside and out, upon inspecting the engine that whole plan had to be thrown out the window.

Our friends at Grassroots Motorsports are working on an awesome project—restoring a $450 yard-find BMW E30 318is slick top into the high-revving four-cylinder it was meant to be from the factory. In their latest video installment, the guys crack down on the engine. 


The previous owner told Grassroots Motorsports, that the car had an "engine problem"- aka the car actually wouldn't start, but that was only the beginning of the problems before tearing into the engine. 

Something very important was missing and it was staring them right in the face when the valve cover was removed - a broken timing chain. This was quite the problem because of the fact that the little M42 is an interference engine. Basically, this engine would require a long list of work to get it started once again. Tim Suddard from Grassroots details it all in this quick video. 


Want to see the rest of this build and find out what they have in store for the 318's engine? Go to the Grassroots Motorsports page to check it out.

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Written by :
JR Huntington

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