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GRM E30 dirty - under the hood

Although Grassroots Motorsports' E30 318iS project car still does not run, any engine work had to wait until the car got a thorough cleaning - both inside and out.  

Upon inspecting every section of the car - it was obvious that it would need a lot of cleaning. It seemed like even when the car was running and driving, the past owner was not keeping up with the cleanliness of the car. Since it sat outside for years before being discovered, there was a very good chance that rodents and other critters had made this German machine their home - so the GRM crew started with a thorough vacuum job and a scrubbing with the help of some Foam Power goodies.

GRM E30 dirty - interior

GRM E30 dirty - trunk

Check out exactly what GRM used to turn their mess of a 318iS into the beautiful blank slate that you see below.

Clean GRM E30

Clean GRM 318iS in the shop

Now that the car is all nice and clean, GRM is now able to really see what they've got. After just a surface level inspection - the only glaring issues were a completely emptied toolbox, faded emblems front and back, a dented and resprayed bumpers, and a slight bit of rust by the left taillight. Other than that, the car has mostly original paint everywhere else, all body panels are matching and original (YES!), along with many other original parts.

They brought their good friend and resident car expert Tom Prescott from The Body Werks in to check over every nook and cranny on the car so the guys knew exactly what they were working with. 

Want to see the rest of this build? Go to the Grassroots Motorsports page to check it out.

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Written by :
JR Huntington

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