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We share a lot in common with the folks at Grassroots Motorsports.  Whether it's on a long weekend drive, or a personal vacation, or traveling to races, we're constantly checking classified ads looking for the latest and greatest second-hand deal.

That's exactly how they stumbled upon this quite rare "slicktop" BMW E30 318iS. What do they plan to do with it?  While others may preach LS swap everything, GRM wants to improve this car without getting rid of that brilliant, high-revving M42 4-cylinder that people often swap out.  We are proud to sponsor this build providing parts from our E30 Catalog and hopefully we'll get a chance to hoon it once it's all together.  

"God's Chariot" Needed a Bit of Love

GRM dirty E30 project - rear

Upon getting the 318iS back to their facility, the GRM crew started to dig deeper and see exactly what they bought. The only "option" on the car was the sport package that put the "S" in iS - the car didn't even have the optional limited-slip differential *sad face*. All of this, plus the lack of a sunroof - as mentioned earlier - meant that this was a quite rare breed of E30. The crew was further impressed when they stumbled upon the Indigo Blue (non-sport) interior and only one spot of rust. This car was sold new in Alabama and it seemed that all it would take was a thorough cleaning and a light refresh to turn this car into a real Southern Belle. Learn more about how solid this car is in the second iteration of Grassroots Motorsports' article.

Want to see the entire build thread? Go to the Grassroots Motorsports page to check it out.

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Written by :
JR Huntington

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