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It's almost car show season, folks, and that means we're about to be hit with an onslaught of new metal directly to our faces. That sounds painful, but trust me it's fantastic. The LA Auto show is the first of the season taking place every year in November, and the New York Auto Show is the last of the year, taking place in April. 

This year there are a LOT of really interesting concepts and new cars about to be unveiled across the industry. What's coming out of Europe might be the best of the bunch. Here's everything you'll see from any European maker should you go.


We'll get a glimpse into Audi's future when they unveil the concept of their E-Tron GT, a 4-door version of an upcoming electric car (pictured above). The E-tron GT won't come out until 2021, but the concept will give us an idea of styling queues and potential ideas you may see across Audi's range in the not so distant future.


BMW has a ton of cars being unveiled including the M340i xDrive, the new 8-series convertible, the utterly massive and brand new X7 SUV, and the Vision iNext concept. You don't see automakers unveil more than two or maybe three new models or refreshes in one show, but BMW is bringing all three and a full concept. Pretty neat to see the evolution all in one spot.

Land Rover

Rumor has it that the new Range Rover Evoke will be shown at the show after a Thanksgiving Day unveiling in London. Other than that, JLR should have the normal cars scattered here and there, but nothing else new.


Mercedes will reveal their Mercedes-Maybach GLS SUV to go head to head with the Rolls Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga. Likely, it will look better than those hulking behemoths, but we won't know until its public consumption viewing. Also, Mercedes will also be bringing a more hardcore version of the AMG GT R called the the Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro. We've driven the GT R and it's very much insane. Can't even imagine that the Pro will be like.


MINI will show a new John Cooper Works Knights Edition, building on their propensity for special edition cars. There's lots to love here with a variable exhaust for quiet and party modes, and a custom black and silver pain scheme. Mini will also bring the Countryman Yin Yang Edition, the Clubman Starlight Edition, and the John Cooper Works International Orange Edition. Did I mention Mini likes special edition cars?

2020 Porsche 911 Teasers


This one is big. The 911 992 will be revealed in LA. The 911 is arguably the most iconic sports car ever made and when Porsche makes a new one, you can bet that the world will be watching. We've seen many spy photos on this car giving hints to what it may look like, but we'll be tuning in live via every live stream imaginable to see just what Stuttgart has in store for us. 


Another big one, because when we get a VW van, the world halts to see it. An icon as well, the VW van that will be unveiled is the I.D. Buzz Cargo. This is a work van version of the passenger van we got in 2017. All electric, the I.D. Buzz Cargo will fit three people and is said to have 350 miles of range.

That's it! If your favorite European brand didn't make the list, then it's because they don't have anything new at the show. This doesn't mean they won't be there so you absolutely should get out to the LA Auto Show and see what each OEM has going on.

What are you looking forward to seeing most?

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Written by :
Gregson Mathe

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