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Golf GTI TCR Concept 1

Europeans rejoice. 

Earlier today, Volkswagen unveiled the Golf GTI TCR concept at the biggest GTI meet in the world, Wörthersee, in Austria. 

The Golf GTI TCR concept is poised at the tip of the GTI range, equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 286 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque, routed through a seven-speed DSG gearbox.

Golf GTI TCR Concept 3

Luckily, the performance mods continue with perforated discs, special calipers and pads, a removable speed limiter (increasing top speed from 155 to 164 mph) , and electronically adjustable dampers with three driving modes: sport, comfort, and normal. 

Golf GTI TCR Concept 4

Perhaps the most notable feature the GTI TCR concept shares with our actual GTI TCR race car is the aerodynamics package.

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR 2

The front bumper now directs air to the TCR's two additional radiators, and beneath it lies a sharply contoured front splitter. 

Golf GTI TCR Concept 5

There's also updated side skirts, which look like they've been directly pulled off the race car, and an updated rear diffuser with integrated exhaust tips. 

Golf GTI TCR Concept 6

Happily, the interior of the GTI TCR concept is better appointed than our race car, with updated sports seats, and red stitching that extends to both the steering wheel and shifter. When stepping into the TCR concept, both driver and passenger will see an illuminated "TCR" logo projected on the floor, and red illuminated door sills. Does this make the car go any faster around a track? No. But it sure looks awesome. 

Golf GTI TCR Concept 7

Even though the GTI TCR concept is down on power from the Golf R, Volkswagen is claiming the TCR concept as the top-of-the-line GTI. 

Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

"It's nice to see the original hot hatch fighting for top position amongst the original front-engine, front-drive platform," said Nate Vincent, FCP Euro Director of Motorsport. "We can't wait to make our own version of this concept with our Mk7 Golf GTI project car state side." 

Golf GTI TCR Concept 8

“At the moment, the Golf GTI TCR Concept – an athlete derived from racing – is a study. But at the end of the year, we want to make this GTI vision come true," said Jürgen Stackmann, Sales, Board of Management of Volkswagen AG. 

To our friends across the pond, we've got our fingers crossed for you. Until then, we'll have to make do with our two GTI TCR race cars instead.  

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Written by :
Michael Roselli

Michael Roselli is FCP Euro's Content Director

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