How The New 2018 BMW M5 Drives According To Journalists

2018 BMW M5 Drifting

The most important feature on the new 2018 BMW M5 is the ability to transition between AWD and rear-wheel drive formats—but what's that actually feel like behind the wheel?

According to CarThrottle:

Offering a four-wheel drive system with switchable rear-wheel bias and even the option to decouple the front axle entirely feels like the way forward for these spectacularly powerful missiles.

According to the NY Daily News:

If you wish to go full opposite-lock, the M5 will oblige you by way of its 2WD mode, but only after you've signed the waiver of responsibility by disabling stability and traction control completely.

According to BMW Blog:

When first started, the BMW M5 will be in its normal “4WD” mode with DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) on. From there, the driver can tune the drivetrain to his/her liking. There is also a “4WD Sport” mode, which sends more power to the rear wheels all of the time. It also allows for more slip and bigger slip-angles, for both more fun and better track handling. To increase the fun even further, the DSC gets switched to MDM (M Dynamic Mode) when put into 4WD Sport.


According to Autocar:

The new M5 is quicker in its sportiest AWD setting than in its pure rear-wheel drive mode.

According to Motor1:

Not only is that recipe brilliant for making a big sedan quick around a racetrack, it is essential, in my mind, for protecting the “M-ness” of this new M5. That is to say: creating a car that’s just as concerned with driving joy as it is with moving quickly with unerring precision. After all, who among us wouldn’t sacrifice a tiny bit of exit speed for a hilarious dollop of slip angle, if we’re really being honest?


We look forward to driving the car soon to provide our own impressions, as well as a deep dive into how the M5's AWD system works. 

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